Covid-19 shut downs and exercise

Gyms are closed. Work places are closed.

Shut in. Greatly elevated blood glucose.
Increased basal insulin not helping a lot. Doing floor exercises not helping much.
Have to walk, but required to be glued a computer at home. Feeling sad.

I take it that you are working from home?

I get bummed if the sky is cloudy. Seriously. I think I have SAD. I live in a very sunny part of the country, by choice. I couldn’t tolerate Seattle weather–been there a number of times to visit family. I’d go mad there. We walked yesterday (here at home in SJ) when the sky was clear–beautifully clear air and now there is snow on the mountain peaks by Lick Observatory thanks to a recent drop in temps.

I have home gym equipment and belong to a fitness program through them and I got a letter today saying that people may experience some difficulty using the “extras” of the program because so many people are using it at once. (You can still use the equipment, you may just have to run laps instead of running through Norway or Scotland.) So either people are using home equipment instead of gym or people are really bored being shut in and suddenly decide to start exercising or some combination of that. :yum:

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I’m one of those people that gets so incredibly bored with either home or gym exercising. I had a nice Ergometer for years, but could barely stay on it for more than 5 minutes, due to boredom. Instead, we did a lot of medium-distance biking, very often. I can bike for hours outside, but can’t manage even 15 minutes if indoors. Due to medical and safety concerns, we haven’t biked in a couple of years which bums us both out but we have little choice. Getting old isn’t for sissies! :slight_smile:


Gyms are closed here, too, including the small gym and pool in my apartment building.

I’m probably going to buy one of those under-desk elliptical machines (I’m looking at the Cubii brand, since it integrates with an app and Fitbit…but if anyone has any recommendations, I’m open!). I was thinking of getting one even before this pandemic hit, since I can still make use of it at home or work when this is all over.

Also, even though people are being advised to stay home as much as possible here (BC, Canada), people are encouraged to go for walks or hikes, staying 1-2 metres away from other people.

I have an exercise bike at home that has a seat because of my back. I found downloading any song I want so I can listen to new stuff all the time helps as I bike an hour each day. But I also play various games on my phone and read e-mail to help keep me occupied.

I watch movies or read when I exercise…It helps, particularly if it is a REALLY good book/movie…I can exercise and not even realize time passing.

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Great ideas all. I thought about getting a bike ( stationary) then I thought I may not really ride it as I do not ride bikes at the gym. I used to run outdoors at a college track not an option now. I thought about running through some trails but images of the movies “Halloween”, “Friday the 13”, and of course the “Chainsaw Massacre” came to mind. So I nixed that idea. Did find a grassy area around a school not far from me that I will check out Thursday. Stay safe everyone.

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I know one can watch the news, movies, listen to music etc at the gym but that doesn’t work for me. I need to be outside, seeing the real world moving along. :slight_smile: And if I bike the same route too many times, that will also bore me so I’ll see other routes.

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I got a gently-used commercial elliptical from one of the ski-resort hotels near me a few years ago. While we technically have a full home gym set up upstairs, that’s mostly my husband’s play room. I’ve got the elliptical setup downstairs in the master bedroom, facing towards the projector screen. It’s awesome, like my own version of Gold’s Gyms’ “cardio theater”, which were always my favorite places to work out when we rented office space inside their gyms.

I can set up a tv show to play, and get too distracted to watch the computer display. Time flies much faster that way.

I like ellipticals due to less impact compared to running on a treadmill. We have no room any longer for large exercise equipment and I’d get bored with it anyway.

Our house is a little crazy. Looks like very normal proportions, until you walk through the master bedroom door. It’s 25x50 feet, including several closets and a sink, but not the rest of the bathroom/water closet. It runs the entire depth of the house. I actually like having the gigantic elliptical in there because it’s SOMETHING to fill the void.

Cool, I’d love a bigger home. Ours is just roughly 1,660 sq feet.

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