T1D and Hypothyroidism Corona Virus

Hi you are all probably a bit sick of hearing the C word but I would like an opinion from this wonderful forum.

I am 22 and I have T1d and hypothyroidism and I work at a chemist should I continue to do, I work <10hrs per week.

I am writing to my university today that I am not going to be coming in because it’s in a large city with cramped public transport to go through.

Any advise on how you are all tackling self isolating would be wonderful :heart: Love from Australia

Cramped public transit would sure put me off.

As someone 66 years old with T1D, hypothyroidism, and coronary artery disease, my risk with this virus is likely greater than yours. While we must use our heads to help inform our day-to-day decisions, I think we would do well to trust our gut instinct as well.

I think your decision to forego university attendance as it allows you to avoid public transport is definitely wise. Almost all colleges and universities in the US have switched to online classes only. In Oregon, where I live, all the public schools have closed.

For me, the ability to self-isolate is based on having enough of my meds and diabetes supplies as well as food. I started out three weeks ago cutting out public transport and visits to Starbucks. A week later I cut out my daily gym visit and weekly physical therapy appointments.

For now, I’m only leaving my apartment to give my dog an opportunity to relieve twice per day. Some days I also go out for a walk as I can avoid contact with other people fairly well. I worry when other people get on the elevator with me and I use my elbows and knee to press elevator buttons.

I posted a hand-written note near the elevator on my floor reaching out to my neighbors inviting them to form a group that could support each other through this crisis. What I envision is mostly communication with texts, email and phone contact as that doesn’t compromise the safety of the helper.

One of my younger neighbors has offered to go to the grocery store for me and that warmed my heart. I intend to keep my requests few and only for essential needs. I will also use Amazon to deliver groceries to my building lobby door.

I’m spending a lot of time online and hope to start doing some longer term projects that I’ve been procrastinating about for some time. I want to reduce my belongings and give all my possessions a good going-through. I also want to review my estate plan, something I needed before this but is now even more important.

We all have good intentions to do some things someday. It might be read a book, or write a book, or learn to play a musical instrument. With all this unplanned time on our hands, maybe someday has arrived!

Good luck with your decisions, please stay healthy and safe!


I think we all need to do what we feel is right with work. I’m off on spring break and have stopped using public transit as of Saturday. It’s looking like schools will be closed after spring break, but if for some reason that doesn’t happen, I’ll be asking if I can somehow work from home as I’m not comfortable getting public transit to work.

It might be worth talking to your building management to see what they’re doing. I found out yesterday that, in addition to closing the pool and gym in our building, management is also sanitizing elevator panels, railings, and doorknobs several times a day.

I agree with you. Everyone is always complaining about how short on time they are. This extra time is a gift.

Here, everyone has been advised to practice social distancing, and the provincial health officer on TV today said, “It is not optional.” I’ve been pretty much self-isolating, but I do need to go to different floors of my apartment building to take out trash, take out recycling, and do laundry.

Today after taking out recycling I got on the elevator with a family without even thinking about it. As the doors were shutting, one of the kids whispered, “Does she have the coronavirus?” to their parent/guardian. I felt bad for breaking social distancing, possibly putting myself or them at risk, and especially for setting a bad example to the kids. Kids are being told they cannot go on play dates or vacations or playground over this spring break, and it’s hard for many to understand why that’s important. From now on, I’ll get the next elevator if someone is on the one that comes, at least until we’re advised that we no longer have to practice social distancing. It was a reminder of just how quickly things have changed from even a week ago.

Nope. Our Universities have been closed for several weeks. You dont go for the next months.

@Jen, did you hear US and Canada closed our mutual border today? Holy cow.

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Yeah, I did. This entire week has just been crazy. Today they were talking about possibly having to restrict travel even within Canada at some point.

I just made that decision yesterday. If someone gets on the elevator before I get to my floor, I intend to get off and wait for another one that’s empty. Every elevator ride I took today, I rode alone. I did wait on the lobby for other people catch their ride up ahead of me.

The demand on our elevators is diminished from when everyone was working so trying to ride alone seems feasible to me.

I’m in NYC. The elevator in my building is very small so I will not be using it if anyone else is there. I generally walk down the stairs anyway and only use the elevator to go up. Even during normal times I only have to share the elevator a couple of times a week and I expect that to be way less now.

Is there anyway that they can offer to let you work remotely?