Cozmo reliability vs. Animas Ping

I’ve had a Deltec Cozmo for the last four years. It has failed and been sent back four times (twice cracks in the casing, twice battery / shortout issues). They only send refurbished pumps as replacements. I am fairly active and exercise a lot, and the Cozmo belt clips get demolished fairly fast during jogging. The Cozmonitor has been a deadweight since I got the pump as it was inconvenient to use and troublesome to take off for showering.

I’m up for a pump replacement and am looking at the Animas Ping system. Any ideas on reliability of the pump itself? The only downside thus far that I can see is the 2ml limitations on reservoir - I use about 45 U daily and usually go 4 days between set changes currently.

Not very interested in the Medtronic models due to proprietary connectors etc.

I have been wearing a Cozmo for about six months with no problems. I am SO sorry you’ve had such stress with their pumps!

I don’t have much info firsthand on the Ping, but I hear it’s a great system. I hope you get lots of feedback. Feel free to join the Animas Users group and ask questions in there as well.

Yeah, I had an uneventful two first years on the Cozmo, but after my pump got replaced the first time the rest were not so reliable. I like the menus and interface.

I did ask the Animas rep about their warranty policy, he said that they only send new pumps as replacements, not refurbs. If your Cozmo breaks I would recommend complaining until you get a new unit rather than risk failures later with a refurb unit.

I just got a Ping system(been using in for all of 8 days now) and I was formerly on a Cozmo. LOVE the bright screen.(not a Cozmo feature) So far it has worked great for me.

the pump that the Animas Ping uses is the same as the Animas 2020 just has an additional interface of the Ping BG Glucometer that can ALSO control the pump. i’ve been VERY happy with my Animas. I’ve only had it a few months, but let me tell ya, looking at that bright screen in the middle of the night sure is easy on the eyes. love the food database in it, and the bolus calculations are no longer done by hand, as the wizard in the pump is spot on!

This must be a new change then, as my first Animas pump went out and they replaced it with a refurbished one! That was the 1250. However, overall I have been pleased with their product, and I have been wearing the Ping for a couple months now. I do notice they eat through batteries though. I have had 3 sets of batteries in the pump itself, and just changed the batteries in the glucometer/remote last week. That’s quite a bit in a short time.

Do the following to extend battery life:

On the Advanced Setup screen, go to screen 4 and set “contrast” to 1.
Set display timeout to 15 seconds.

On Advanced Setup Screen 10 turn “search” to “off”

In the basic setup screen, select “sounds” and set sounds for any alerts or warnings that are not VITAL to M or L (Medium or Low).

USE THE METER REMOTE FOR EVERYTHING (except setting up a temp basal, of course, which can only be done from the pump).

Since doing these things, I usually get 4 to 4 and a half weeks out of a lithium battery in the pump, and about 5 or 6 weeks out of a set of batteries in the meter remote.

Use Lithium batteries in the pump.