Anyone still using a Ping pump?

I’ve been on a Tandem pump for several years and I was in the process of getting a Vibe when Animas pulled out of the market. I ended up getting an x2 and I’m really regretting that. I should have just gone with the Minimed. It got me to thinking if anyone was still using an Animas Ping pump from many years ago?

No matter what I’ll always miss my Deltec Cozmo.

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Some folks will be using as long as they can get supplies (slated to end in 9/19 but who knows if that is truly the end or there will be supplies somewhere…)
I thought I loved my Ping, and I did compared to my Revel (but Cozmo was the best). But I went for the Omnipod offer and I absolutely love it. I just hope I can pay for pods next year. They are not cheap and it cost me two almost full price boxes to meet my deductible this year.

Yep. My Ping is more than three years out of warranty. I’m also a former Cozmo user.

What are you regretting about the Tandem pump?

I keep going back and forth about my next pump. On one hand, I like the sounds of the t:slim but it’s not yet here in Canada and I have not actually seen it, and ultimately my ability to use the touchscreen and whether I like the look and feel of the pump will be the deciding factor. I have seen the Medtronic pump and, even though I think the thing is huge and ugly, it has buttons and is familiar territory in that regard.

On the other hand, based on my experiences thus far with ordering Animas supplies from Medtronic, I have some concerns about their customer service and competency in handling things like orders for pump supplies without headaches.

So who knows. All I know is that as soon as Tandem gets here, I’ll be picking something and moving on immediately. My Ping, while functional, is not really very usable anymore.

Are you able to order online from Diabetes Express? They’re usually pretty good, but not sure how it works with insurance in BC vs ordering in Ontario.

I called Medtronic and turns out what looked like a bill to me was just a receipt. So no issues!

My insurance (Pacific Blue Cross) does cover CGM for some plans, but not mine. I’m trying to get my union to include CGM coverage in its next round of provincial bargaining. It also covers FGMs now, but I don’t meet the eligibility criteria (A1c is too low—because I’ve been self-funding a CGM).

I’m going to apply anyway and if I get denied, I"m going to send in records of my A1c over the past seven years showing that it was never in target range until I bought the Dexcom (I’ll send in receipts showing the purchase dates of my first receiver, transmitter, and sensors). I’ll state that this documentation demonstrates that the only reason my A1c is within target range is because of my self-funded CGM, which I cannot afford (which is true, my CGM is funded by stretching supplies to their max and getting financial assistance form my family).

I have other plans for if they still deny that, but hopefully it won’t get that far.

I’m finishing my Vibe supplies before switching to my new X2. I’m curious what regrets you’re having? I am now wondering if I should start using my X2 now in case I want to exchange it in the 30 days.

I have a horrible track record with pump companies going out of business. My first pump was a Cozmo. They went out of business. I got a Medtronic pump at that point in time so I could get CGM easily. Hated Medtronic CGM but the pump was good. I got an Omnipod through the cut the cord program that I used for awhile. Then I read about the Asante Snap and saw the option to try that for free if you bought the supplies. So I tried that and LOVED it. By far my favorite pump I’ve used to date. They went out of business before I could even place a second supply order. Then deal with them was that Animas was the free replacement so that’s how I got my Vibe. And now here we are with the third pump I’ve been using to go out of business. Hopefully Tandem doesn’t go out of business now!


Do test the Tandem before 30 days ar eup. Some of us, though granted not a large number, have had issues with the pump not working for us. Rising BG on the third day of using a set, or even earlier. We think it is people who have small basals and daily doses but not sure. And it has to do with the bladder system/cartridge. I was able to get a refund after 30 days, but had to prove how poorly it was working for me. Just in case, be safe and don’t let it sit too long in the box.

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My issues with Tandem involve random cartridge unusable errors which require a reload. I have also had one pump malfunction that was able to be reset by calling but I also had one that required a new pump be sent. Their customer service is absolutely horrible as well. The pump is water resistant but do not expect to be able to wear it in the shower and especially nit in a pool. Tandem told me they will not warranty pumps that malfunction due to being submerged in water. Those are the majority of my issues. Minor issues include changing the cartridges to a proprietary connector which caused me to have to change my infusion sets that I’ve been using for 10 years as well as the cases they sell have clips that break quite easily. I’m no longer in a position to consider them for future pump purchases.

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