Crack next to battery

I was changing the battery in my pump today and noticed a crack in the side, next to where the battery goes. I called Animas immediately and they're sending me a new pump but it won't arrive for 2 days. Because the pump is holding a charge and staying on, they said to keep using it and just keep a close eye on it. I have no idea if the crack formed today or has been there for a while. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm concerned about my pump's reliability between now and when the new one comes, but am hesitant to go onto lantus if the pump will be ok because i know lantus is going to send my blood sugars out of control.

I have never had this happen but I think you should be OK, just remember your pump is probably no longer waterproof, so keep it dry. Animas support are usually very cautious, so if they said keep using it I'd do so. Make sure you have all your pump settings written down so it will be straight forward to setup the new pump.

that happened to me a few months ago, i watched it happen when i installed the battery. it was definitely not waterproof but it did continue to work until the new pump arrived. however since mine happened on a weekday morning they were able to get me one by the next afternoon.

the crack on mine was about an inch long and straight down the back.

My guess is that you reallly cranked down on the battery cover which caused the crack. It doesn't need to be as tight as you think; there are watertight seals that eliminate the need to overtighten. I am speaking from experience!

I have had this occur on two Animas IR1250 pumps. The pump will function correctly with the crack as long as you keep it dry. It is no longer waterproof once it cracks. What model is your pump? I am without my cracked 1250 right now due to the same 2-day turnaround problem you have. Traveling on business this week, and switching to Lantus while turning my normal routines upside down is a bit scary!

Animas Corp is sending me a model 2020 pump as a replacement. I'm wondering if it's battery compartment is prone to the same problem.


I had this happen not to long ago. LIke everyone else said, don't get it wet! Then you'll have problelms. Make sure to keep a watch on it that you don't loose your prime but all should be fine untill you get your replacement. From what I understand some colours are more at risk of developing cracks then others.

thanks! I have the ping, but since this has happened i heard from a friend that this seems to be a common design flaw with numerous animas pumps, although they've always survived until the replacement arrived.

This happened to my daughters pump too and they replaced it. Thing is, it was cracked for quite sometime before we called cuz we didn’t realize that the warranty covered a new pump for stuff like that. it wasn’t until it the crack was pretty large and it wasn’t turning on correctly that we finally called. Got the pump to work and she got hers in 2 days too, it held up fine for those 2 days though, just had to watch it. I’m glad though cuz we didn’t have any long acting insulin on hand that wasn’t expired.

Mine just cracked during a battery change. Animas told me to go to my "failed pump plan" until replacement arrived. So, I got out the syringes and kept on with manual Novolog and every 4 hour corrections (with meals using ping remote for math). It worked.

Also, I used ezManagerMax to download the settings from the old pump and reload to the new pump. Verification of new pump accepting settings is very important.