New pump

Kind of ironic... I called Animas a few weeks ago due to my "wet cartridge" issue. They said then that if I noticed any cracks or anything, especially around the battery compartment, I should call them back to get a replacement pump.

Well, last night as I was changing the battery I felt a weird cracking sensation as I was tightening the battery cap! Not too tight, either. I looked under my video magnifier, and saw a crack running down the side of the pump. I took the battery out and couldn't see it running entirely through the plastic, but still, yikes!

I called Animas tonight and they said that because the crack invilves the battery compartment I should come off the pump and do shots till I get a new one. I'm now waiting for the Canadian representative to call me to arrange delivery of a new pump, I suppose. Not sure how that is going to work as I work full-time. Maybe they can deliver it to my work?

Anyway, my current pump is pretty beat up so I'm not really that sad about getting a new one. The lady on the phone did say I should be changing to a new battery cap every THREE MONTHS if I am swimming regularly. Why didn't they tell me that when I called last time?!?! She also said I should be changing the screen protector, because I mentioned min is kind of scuffed up. I think my new pump I might keep in the skin I have because this current one has paint chipped off and I've only had it about two years. I'd like to keep the new one new-looking.

Anyway, shots for the next little while will be interesting. Not looking forward to it. I just picked up Lantus Solostar pens a few weeks ago, which I've never used (I've only used the refillable pens). Last time I did Lantus was in summer 2011 for about five days when I was feeling really burnt out with the pump ... I'd originally planned on taking about two weeks off, but it only lasted five days because I couldn't stand bouncing from 2 - 20 mmol/l every day! Come to think of it, maybe I won't bother with Lantus and will just shoot Apidra every few hours. That would be preferable, especially if I end up getting the new pump tomorrow morning or something (I've just had mixed luck with pump replacements in the past, of the two I've had, one took only 3 hours and one took over three days!).

Yikes! I'm sorry to hear about your setback! I've heard about the crack issue and waterproof pumps before but it was so long ago it might have been the Cozmo as I think it might have been on the ADA boards when I hung out there, c. 2009, before I moved here.

When my Medtronic has blown up (twice now...) I call and they get a new one to me really quickly, like the next business day. Once I had to wait over a holiday weekend as it was Saturday and they weren't shipping until Tuesday but it still worked out. The second time, it worked very well.

I used Novolog when I switched as I hadn't bothered to arrange an emergency Rx and was partying (4th of July...cycling, roasting, drinking, etc...) and I didn't want to blow 2 hours waiting around an ER or convenient care for an RX.

Well I am impressed! I called around 4:00 PM and they had a new pump to me by 7:00 PM!