Cracked my insulin pump

I dropped my insulin pump recently and cracked the housing part. It seems to be working ok but, I was wondering if that would justify replacing it? I have one year left under warranty. My guess is that they will say it broke from abuse and they won't cover the expense. Am I right?

I know I said that it was working ok but, a couple of mornings ago I woke up with a high bg in the 400's. My canual was clogged with blood and my pump didn't give a "no delivery alarm". It's possible I was still getting a little insulin for it not to alarm but, it's also possible my pump is damaged from me dropping it and cracking the housing????

I would definitely call them. It should be replaced under warranty. People who live normal lives use these pumps and they do get “abused” so to speak. Little kids and teens use these pumps while doing all sorts of activities. I am certain it is not the first cracked insulin pump they have seen and replaced, I am am certain it won’t be the last. I have heard others mentioning their cracked pumps were replaced with a refurbished pump while under warranty. You do not need to tell them that you dropped it, just that you just found the crack (that’s what I would do anyway) and I have heard they have shipped people a refurbed pump by 10:30 AM the next morning in most circumstances. Until you get your pump replaced, be very careful not to expose to any water, mist, spray etc - the housing crack will most certainly make your pump not “water resistant” any more.

Refurbished pump? Why don’t they replace it with a new pump? I didn’t think about water getting into the crack. Thanks for that reminder!

Its the cost of doing business. But rest assured every refurb pump Ive ever had has worked flawlessly (and Ive had a few) So I wouldnt be too worried over that. You can request them to check to see if they have any new pumps in stock, as if they run out of refurbs for your model, they may upgrade you for free. That happened on my Animas 2020 and thats how I got a Ping for free! Its worth asking about anyways.

Will, I need to fork out any money to replace it?

Probably not. most companies are very good about that kind of thing. Just let them know your not getting occlusion alerts, and im sure they will do everything they can to get you a new one. Just dont flat out tell them you dropped it. Just tell them you did an inspection of the pump housing and found a crack, and you dont get alerts anymore. Thats all they should need to know.

Who is your pump provider?

Medtronic, I have the 522 model

Yeah, just do what I said above and you should be fine. Medtronic takes care of its customers pretty good. Let us know what happens!

OK, thanks! I’ll probably call them tomorrow.

They’ll probably upgrade you to a new Revel if your lucky.

That would be cooool if they did. The Revel is awesome!

Yeah, that would be nice to get a Revel.

Just curious…would that start up a new warranty date?

No…it will retain the rest of the existing warranty

OH, ok…well, thanks again for answering all of my questions. You’ve been a big help!

No problem…have a good one!

You dont have to wait to call them tomorrow if u don’t want to. They are open 24 hours the help line.

I had a crack and they said it should be replaced. They set me a new pump right away. I didn’t mention how I got the crack b/c I really didn’t know. ANd they did not seem to care.

Thank you Jennifer, I forgot about them being open 24 hrs.

So what did they say? Any updates yet?

I called Medtronics and had NO problems at all with getting another pump. IF, it was only an occlusion alert that wasn’t working he said it was probably because I was still getting some insulin. But, since the housing was cracked that’s why he was sending another pump. BTW, it’s not a new pump. He said no one has used the pump but, they did change out some of the components to updated ones. I should be getting overnight delivery from UPS.

Thanks again to you all for the help!