Craigslist ad - Says she is type 1 and use Atlantis insulin and 70/30 - Scam?

So this girl on Craigslist says she is type 1, ran out of insulin and has no money, and needs $50 to get insulin. I, of course, being the curious type, asked what type of insulin, b/c they didn’t ask for insulin or strips, but for money for insulin. She offered to let someone use her food stamps in exchange for insulin money.

So this “type 1” says “I use both Atlantis insulin, and 70/30. I can live without one of them, but i’ve got to have at least one.” Then she goes on about how she could go blind or lose her feet if she doesn’t get insulin.

I think she meant lantus, but have you heard of taking lantus and 70/30? Why would you take long term and a long/short combo? Why wouldn’t you want short term insulin if you are type 1.

Is this a scam like I think it is?

From what we know here on TU …sounds like a SCAM …PLEASE , never give money in any case !!
Can you tell her to go to the local hospital and get some" ATLantus??
Interesting …Emmy in my mind is right : let the Cops know.

yes this is a scam, you would not use 70/30 and a long acting insulin like Atlantis (I assume that is Lantus) and $50 would not buy a vial of either. Report it on craig’s and just forget about it

Scam! Agree–report her immediately to the police. Write her to get more info to turn her over to the authorities. She can also be busted for giving away her food stamps, not that she probably has any.

Atlantis:) Yea, she knows about insulin–ha!

tho, I liked Stargate Atlantis…

Maybe it’s a magical new insulin extracted from rare sea urchins.

urchins? thems good eatins!

Then you’ll really love Atlantis urchins because they’re even better!

I am a type one and have been on lantus and a 70/30 mix before. I was actually called a fake before for that too. Which is just crazy. I have nothing to gain from faking being a diabetic. Of course if she wants/needs money I could see why she’d fake it…shrugs ya never know. But for her to say that she’d go blind or she’d loose her feet? Pfft!

^ of course the doctor that prescribed me lantus AND a 70/30 mix had no idea what was going on and also told me to test my levels 30 mins after every meal and to take insulin accordingly. WRONG!!!

But were you on those meds when you were in the honeymoon stage? This girl said she needs one or the other, not both. I told her that either her doctor is an idiot, or she is dishonest. There is no way to tell. I figure, though, that if she was really on the insulin for over 10 years, she would know it was not Atlantis, but Lantus. Maybe she’s illiterate. I don’t know.

I know this is an older post, but I still found it which makes it somewhat relavint I would like to agree that if push came to shove I would just let someone buy my meds, and 50 dollars wouldn’t buy a vial of either insulin. However I am currently on Lantus, and Humalog(from what I can find siliar to 70/30) The Humalog helps prevent meal spikes, and the Lantus keeps me down during the day and through snacks.

Humalog is not similar to 70/30. 70/30 is a mix of long acting insulin (like your Lantus) and short acting insulin (like your humalog). It’s an older type of insulin though some doctors still prescribe it.

YES!..if she is type 1 she def know the type of insulin she takes and there is no need to take two longer acting insulins as a T1…I would tell you to go to an emergency room because they cant turn her down then see what she says…

hmm good to know that makes way more since, then again just someone calling lantus alantis is messed up lol…

when someone in the street has a sign that says they are hungry I call the bluff and go to a near place and get them food. If this person really needs insulin I am sure they wont mind meeting up at a farmacy for their much needed insulin.

You are such a sweetie!! :slight_smile: A person who is truly hungry would really appreciate the food, and someone who just wants drug or alcohol money gets nothing. That’s really the best way to deal with beggars! :slight_smile:

Exchanging cash for food stamps will get YOU in trouble with the law. Bad idea all around.

I’ve done this before with guys begging right outside my local grocery. I’ll say, “Let’s go, I’ll get you something to eat.” They usually say yes, but some will say no.

The ones to watch out for are the women with an obvious jacket scrunched up inside their shirt who say they need money for diapers and formula because they’re six months pregnant. Hello? Last time I checked, baby bumps don’t have buttons and zippers and folds bulging out of them – and six-months gestation pregnancies don’t require emergency formula and diapers. Very sad.