Crappy couple of days…

I went back in to have more blood drawn for my A1C on Thursday. Nurse Ratchet must have rushed it through because she actually called me Friday afternoon with the results. Once again she told me ‘Your A1C is just fine”….that’s it? Just fine? I told her we would get along MUCH better if she actually gave me numbers rather then just saying I was within range. She didn’t take that very well but she did comply.

My A1C is 6. 6? I swear I don’t get it….my postprandial numbers are ALWAYS above 200 no matter how regimented I am with my carbs. And they stay high for up to 4 hours before they plummet. They must really be plummeting low to end up for a 6 average. That would explain why I feel off. But now that my A1C ‘looks’ so good Dr. N doesn’t want to change anything which means I’m going to keep struggling with extreme highs and extreme lows. When I told him how high my numbers were going he acted like I was crazy and told me he wasn’t going to change anything because I’m well under 7.

So I guess I have to let my numbers go completely to ■■■■ before anyone will take me seriously and give me a little relief….or just suffer with the highs and lows and hope for the best.

Time to move on to someone who does care about you? I sure wouldnt be standing near a Dr that doesnt show any concern for what I am concerned about.
See if you can find someone that will take “your” health into concern! Someone that wants to help you control the highs and lows.