Crazy Day


I got a bit thrown off today. I guess winter is really on its way. Every day my sugars keep creeping up there. Finally decided to raise my basal by 0.05 to help with those wacky am readings. Now just hope it works. The past 4 days my lowest FBG was 147 and the highest was 186 so I am thinking I need that little bit of a push. My night readings have been fine so I know I am not rebounding from a low or spending the whole night high. Just that lovely DP kicking in again. (Thank god I have the pump and don’t need that nasty NPH anymore!) So will have to watch that now and see how things go. But to get even more freaked out I had to scrape my car today. I was already running behind. I woke up late (hit the snooze one to many times :slight_smile: opps) and had to skip the shower and site change and run off to school. Thought I would get one last day of capri’s wear in. Well as I went running out the door, BURR!!! It was 35 degrees (Fahrenheit that is) and my car was covered in frost. Since I was out there I started the car up and blasted the heat so it could “warm up” while I went in to get jeans and the ice scraper. (Cops love to give tickets here for people with frosted windows, they have nothing better to do I guess. Not that I would ever drive when I cant see out my window either.) Well as I was rushing back up stairs, I got my tubing caught up around the door knob, couldn’t get untangled so I had to disconnect and untie it. Dont ask how I managed that one. Finally get everything under control and go down stairs and get an ice scraper to come out and my car is defrosted. Man was I mad. Oh well, now I have the ice scraper for the next time and my car was nice and warm. Got to school just in the nick of time. But to make my day better I got a 100% on my math test. YEAH! I hate that class. It is so stupid, but that is a whole other issue. Well, now I am home. I feel like a dirt bag so I need to take a shower and probably should do my site soon seeing that I have under 40 units left. If I put it off I will be some where and have no insulin. (Just how the odds work in life. LOL) So beware everyone, snow will be knocking at out door step really soon.