Well today has certainly been crazy

I woke up this morning with a tender side… which i’ve been having for a week or so now, so i was like, screw this i’m going to emerg. I got up, my fasting bs was 82, so i decided to increase my insulin from 18 to 19 units to see if it would make a difference throughout the day, i cooked some eggs and a couple hours later my bs was back to 82 (hm that worked i guess). anyways I went into the hospital… waited… waited… waited more… ate a couple of rice cakes for lunch… 2 hours later the bs was 140… after that did the ■■■■ in the bottle thing, waited some more, had some sketchy guy come and suck the blood out of me, checked my sugar after that without eating for like 4 hours it was 156… eek. so I waited around some more only to have the doctor guy tell me it might be an ovarian cyst and to come back for an ultra sound, wow i just wasted 7 hours at the hospital for him to tell me that… so i checked my bs around 4 it was 52… uh oh… so then i went and grabbed a veggie w/w sub… which had pretty much nothing on it, besides lettuce, pickles and light mayo, by the time i got home an hour later i checked my bs again and it was 178… oh s*** how’d it jump that high. I hear so many different views on whats considered normal, i’m at the point now where i don’t even know if my bs is considered really good control in order to stay in around the 5.0 a1c… rarely i let myself go above 200 with strict diet, if i do i get really upset… yet i don’t know if that is considered good enough in order to stay away from those nasty complications… ugh way too tired to want to think now

Jill and Mattman93:

Why would you want to increase your insulin with a BG of 82? That number is GOOD and, in fact, could lead to a low in pretty short order. You went and had rice cakes and them a sub … both of which have carbs and, thus, sugar. That could account for you going up. Also, if you are in pain, that can cause BG to rise. Just ask the pain Queen. I’m in constant pain and it’s a constant struggle to keep myself under control. I am now on the pump and have had much more luck getting under control.

If you want an HbA1C at 5, you’re going to have to do better than 200. Even an average of 170 may not get you below 7. I suggest you talk to your DR or educator to get a better guideline.

And, take care of the medical problem. You don’t want it to develope into something worse. I’ll pray for you if you wish.

Remember, you are a unique person and now all things are going to fall within the “norms” for you.

Lois La Rose


Another message. Sorry for the typos. I haven’t touched a keyboard for 5 years (until lately when I got a brand new computer.) I MEANT to say that NoT all things are going to fall within the norms.

Lois La Rose