I leave for my cruise tomorrow morning at 4:45 (*shudder*). I'm pretty much packed - have been making lists for a good month LOL. I've been a bit anxious about forgetting or not taking enough D/pump stuff, so I packed enough to do a set change every day, plus backups (syringes, pens, loaner pump, the works). Excessive, I know!

I know I won't eat my usual 30 or so carbs a day, I don't want to eat like that next week. So... I've promised myself to eat protein/fat first, then whatever carbs I can't (or choose not to) resist. One can always ask for extra/different food, like a cheese plate. They always offer a SF dessert, but of course they're not nearly as appealing as the 'real' ones, and probably aren't that LC anyway.

There's a sushi bar, which will probably be my downfall, unless I can convince the sushi chef to give me just sashimi. White rice is a definite fast/hard high for me.

Hoping to have no trouble getting through security with my juice boxes. It'll be interesting to see where my average BG and SD are when I get back LOL. I can't download to the iPad I'm taking. Probably a good thing :)

It sounds like you're well prepared -- enjoy it! My pump and I've taken several cruises. I take insulin and syringes but I've never had the luxury of a backup pump. I have a Minimed 522, so I did remove it when we were swimming. I used novolog insulin with syringes to manage by BGs while off the pump. I manage to thoroughly enjoy my cruises, and I eat carefully so as not to gain weight. (Don't forget - you'll probably have increased activity to burn off some of those desserts!)

What cruise line are you using? Is this your first cruise? You'll love it! (I'm envious!)


Enjoy your cruise! Hope you're going someplace warm? Will you be back in time for Christmas, or spending it on the cruise?

I always take extra supplies when I cruise, we have to, considering there's no mail or pharmacy on the ocean. You never know when you'll be delayed returning home too. I took a cruise August 20-27, and hurricane Irene hit the 28th, so I was delayed returning home, due to all transportation closing, including the airports. I was a little worried, but we were able to fly home the evening of the 29th, right before I ran out of pods.

Gerry, Celebrity, to St. maartens, San Juan, St. Kitts and St. thomas. Last year we (my chosen sister) and I did our first cruise On RC and loved it!

i have enough supplies for a month fopr an 8 night cruise LOL. Syringes, pens, the works. At least they allow an extra carryon for med supplies or I’d have no room for clothes :slight_smile:

Thanks dear Judith. I’ll hVe loads of pics to post.

Yikes Sue, I don’t freak out easily but almost running out of supplies would do it for sure.

I went on a cruise this last summer. Besides my frozen insulin, everything worked out great. We usually had dinner in the served area rather than the buffet, and there were often great low carb choices and our waiter was quite pleased to accomodate special requests.

I also found that on the cruise, it was hot and I was more active, increasing my insulin sensitivity and I was often better able to handle carbs. What better way to handle an after dinner low than a piece of cheesecake?

Me too, I even called Insulet and asked if there was a trainer available (NYC) to give me a couple of pods, but they weren't able to help me. They did offer to mail me some, but I didn't want to do that route unless I had to. I suppose I could have gone to a drugstore and tried to get a bottle of NPH insulin if worse came to worse. Luckily LaGuardia airport reopened around noon on the 29th and we were able to book a flight home. We had tickets to return via Amtrak, but it was several weeks before the tracks were open again due to the flooding.

It sounds like you have plenty of supplies, I agree with you, I would rather have the real desserts rather than the sugar free ones. Have a great cruise, and take lots of pictures!

We went to St. Martin and St. Thomas in 2005 on our first cruise, we loved those islands! We took the Caribbean Princess, and took the same ship this past August out of Brooklyn, to New England and Canada.

We took the same ship and cruise to Canada in October 2010! We have been on four cruises now with Princess, and we really enjoy them. I think we're committed. ....

Great cruise isn't it? Did you go to Halifax, St. John, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, and back to Brooklyn, too?

Yes. We took our son and his wife and their son (our grandson) along. We had a wonderful time!

We took our son, daughter, son in law and grandsons on our first two cruises, but this last one we went just the two of us. They were all fun. We really liked Halifax, we went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, with all the Titantic trivia.