Extra What?!

I am in need of some help. My daughter, Ray, and I are going on a cruise this week. We are leaving Thursday. I know, I am a last minute packer most of the time. So here is where I need you all help. Both of us are on pumps and I have never gone anywhere that I would not need to have just one infusion set or pod with us at all times. Not sure about how many extras I should bring.

So far I have:
Glucose Tables
Test Strips
Back up Meter
Test Strips for Back up Meter
Alcohol Swabs

It feels like I am forgetting something but I don’t know what. Anything else you think can think that we need to bring or have or get to take with us?

With a pump you need back up pens or syringes and insulin including basal. I don’t pod so I don’t know if an abundance of pods takes care of the problem.

Batteries for all your devices

How long is your cruise? I’d bring double what I think I need, same for insulin, reservoirs, etc. Syringes just in case something goes wrong with your pump. I understand that the medical person on the ship will let you keep your insulin in their fridge - much less iffy than the one in the cabin. A printed list of your meds, doses, I:C ratios, basals, etc. I’m sure others will offer even more.

Don’t forget good books or an ereader!

Don’t forget to bring lancets or extra needles for the tester. When I go places, I will take an extra vile of insulin and two extra sets incase I mess them up. You may want to take long lasting carbs too. I take granola bars. You may want some water bottles because the cruise ship water isn’t that good.

Lol, I forgot about the need for batteries. Thanks. It is good to run these things by others.

The cruise is for 7 days. A printed list of our meds, doses, ect. is a good thing to have. Didn’t think of that but I’m sure it will be very helpful to have. Thanks. Our Kindles are all loaded and ready to go.

I’m going to write this down to get some lancets tonight when I pick up our insulin from the pharmacy. Thanks.

I always decide how many infusion sets I should have for back up and then double that “just in case.” I also take at least one extra vial of insulin. Do you use any adhesive prep for your sets? I also toss in some plain old wet wipes – just in case I’m on an excursion somewhere and not near a place where I can wash my hands before changing a site or testing. I also take a Lantus Pen and syringes – just in case the pump fails. Always take a glucagon. Also add in batteries and lancets.

Bring extra reservoirs and infusions sets, my daughter tends to pull out the infusion set when she is really active. Also some Tegederm since you will probably be getting wet a lot. Hand Sanitizer.

Check if the cruise line provides a sharps container – if not, bring one. Bring Glucagon – just in case.

Label everything that’s not attached to you. Your meter, the wireless thing that controls the Pod (forget what it’s called), etc. Put your name and cabin number on it. It can easily be taken, inadvertently, while in a pool, or simply dropped.

Bring plenty of plastic ziploc-type bags for your stuff. If you’re off the ship doing something where you might get wet, it will keep your important stuff dry.

My sugar always runs low on cruises… make sure you lower your basal. And bring a big container of glucose tabs. As far as other food goes, it’s always available, and you can bring plenty of extra food to your room if you need.

If you’re anything like me, wear sunscreen. And a hat. Have fun!

Bring along all your prescriptions, just in case.

Have fun!

Ah, glucagon. That is a must. Thanks!

What do you use the Tegederm for?

Scott, that is a great idea to bring plastic ziploc-type bags to put important things in so they don’t get wet. Thanks, I’m going to have as much fun as I can.

Thanks Gerri. I don’t know if I can’t have fun. I’ll be with Ray, my sister in law Missy (Miss Miss on here) and my sister in law Lita (Missy’s twin sister.

Ooo, I’m envious! I want to tag along.

I can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been mentioned, so I just wanted to say HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! :o)

Thanks. I’m going to try to have as much fun as I can. This is a much needed vacation.

Snacks. Basically double of anything and everything you might need.

Also it would be good to get a letter from your doctor explaining your requirements and a list of all of your medications and keep these on you at all times.

You might want a frio-wallet if the weather is likely to be hot and there is no fridge.

A card identifying you as diabetics - useful in the food queue - feign a hypo, flash the card and you will be fast tracked! Also a wristband, bracelet or necklace to help medics understand that you are diabetic in case they need to give you drugs in an emergency and it will remind them to test your bm before presuming that you are drunk.

You might want to identify yourselves to the stewards who will be looking after you - far easier for all concerned if they know what to look out for rather than finding you ill on the journey!

Enjoy the cruise - not my cup of tea, but I am sure others enjoy them. Drink plenty of water, test, test … and I hope it is a healthy and safe one for you!

extra battery for meter
foil wrapped ketostix
small empty bottle for sharps dispoal

and something I frequently forget: cell phone charger