Singapore report

Thanks to all of you who gave me the confidence to travel across the world for the first time as a pumper! I had the best time ever! (I go once a year to visit my son and family)
Airports were my biggest concern and I was prepared with every conceivable back up document from my endo's Rx to printouts from MM and the TSA. Departing LAX I pointed out my pump to the security "officer", and as you had prepared me for, she took me aside, powdered my hands and had me handle the pump. It was not an inconvenience at all. Nobody asked for anything in the way of documents. That experience under my belt I decided the pump was really a non issue and I proceeded thru the security systems in Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand without pointing out my pump at all. Of course I didn't put it thru any xrays. I also had every style medic alert to wear. I loved the USB necklace with my personal info. I didn't need any of it, but when I dropped the USB necklace, the thumb drive broke. It's a great idea, but should be better quality.
I wasn't as successful with my BGs however. The first week was almost "normal" for me, but weeks 2&3 my BGs skyrocketed. Try as I may with food and pump settings, I never got back in good control. Was it the time zone change affecting my circadian rhythms or all the unexpected foods or that I'm not an expert at tweaking my settings? I don't know. I do know that I had a wonderful time and I hope that in terms of my good health, the travel endorphins made up for the high BGs.

Thanks for the update Cindy. Good to hear your trip was a wonderful time!

Too bad about the usb thing breaking, though. That's crazy. I'll be extra careful not to drop the one I got. Unless of course I keel over and hit the floor - when I'd actually need it, right? It absolutely should be made super strong/durable. Maybe they would send you a new on if you fuss. Did you like the software it came with? I thought it was too complicated. So I dumped all those files and replaced them with a simpler PDF document I made up my self. Really a person could make their own Medic alert ID by buying a flash drive a, putting the medical insignia on it somehow and hanging it on a necklace or bracelet, for way less $.

Encouraging to hear the travel went ok. Welcome back.

Thanks so much! Yeah, the USB drop was a bummer, but your idea about replacing their form with your own info is amazing! The form is too long and too much is irrevelant. I think just emergency contacts and insulin amts should be enuf... oh, and meds you're taking. And you're right, we could convert our own flash drives. They usually have holes for key ring etc.
I was disappointed with my BGs tho. There are so many variables when we travel.

Yeah. Travel is totally hard. I kind of dread it even though I love the idea of it. I go in two weeks on a 4 day trip to a lovely resort in the Sawtooth mtns... for an annual board meeting (husband is vice-chair) Last time I went was before I was on the pump. I spent most of that weekend in my room because the food was so unusual for me - my BG's looked more jagged than the mountains towering over us! I hope it goes better this time!