CT scan today

I had my CT scan this morning. My GI said it didn’t show anything abnormal. GES scheduled for next Thursday. I only drank liquids yesterday and didn’t feel sick or have any pain. Trying to do the same today, starting to get a little hungry though. How many of you are only on liquids?

Yesterday I only drank coffee until 4:00, when I melted into the couch. I started to fall asleep in traffic on the way home. Coffee from starbucks can be a good meal substitute, I find. Could you order a latte with milk and some sugar syrup in it, to help pull you through? Sounds like a real bummer.

Mmmm coffee… I love coffee and that seems to be my diet until mid afternoon. I did go to smoothie king yesterday but it shot my sugar up! I’ll need to rethink my order if I go back. I was in town all day yesterday and it occurred to me, “where in the world can you go to get a cup of chicken broth?” I guess I will have to start packing a thermos.