Cure for type 1 with diet alone?

This is exactly what I thought. If T1 is discovered early and somehow the immune reaction slows down or the beta cell growth rate climbs it is possible to have an extended honeymoon period. I mean we all know it: in the first year T1 is easy. It works nearly magically since your own remaining production acts as a buffer. If you have injected too much insulin your own production of insulin goes down. If you have missed some units your own production will catch the carbs. It is autopilot mode that lasts for a year or longer but this honeymoon period will end. Doctors should inform their patients about that.

BTW: I promise to be nice to Halle Berry when she will join our community in some years to get along with her T2.

I am not saying you’re wrong about the buffer thing but that was not what our son’s doctor told us when first diagnosed. She said that if give a break to the pancreas by trying to keep to bg in a normal range (with the small amounts of insulin we had to give), it gives the remaining living beta cells some ‘strength’ and they last longer. But you could be right, because she told us something with the chemstrip test at our training and 2 years later said that what I heard her say was not true!

The honeymoon stage was not really an easy stage for us. The beta cells were working sometimes and not a lot other times, going low, going high, not being able to predict if the cells were going kick in when least expected…

Funny about Miss Berry joining this community!

So far there was no cure, at least I haven’t heard from it, but there were some trials to extend honeymoon period. But I also heard that some of this “cures” are very toxic…

Great so I am a sinner because I have Diabetes… I’ll just put that in the Bank for now… unreal.

If Magic Johnson can cure Aids, then Mrs Berry can do the same.

Maybe she could do a movie showing us how she did it… oh wait… to simple, very dissapointing to say the least

She did not correct her misstatement, something to the effect of “I was diagnosed with Type 1 but with careful attention to diet and excercise have weaned myself off insulin so now I like to consider myself as being in the Type 2 category.” From the look of admiration on the interviewer’s face, upon voicing this statement, I believe it is this admiration and “example” of triumphing over adversity that she wants to put forth as her public image. She definitely knows the difference between the two types as she was a spokesperson for diabetic causes and may even have been reimbursed by one of the pharm companies. I believe this statement was deliberately put forth to enhance her public image without thought or care to the harm she was doing to millions, many of them children. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but I am sure, if initially diagnosed with Type 1, she got the same instructions as everyone else who was admitted into the hospital in a diabetic coma received. We were not allowed to leave the hospital with my niece until we could demonstrate we understood, accepted and were able to treat her condition with numerous finger-sticks and injections each day. I will never pay to see her movies again. I am definitely an ex-fan. She is putting forth misinformation for her own purposes. Shame, shame, shame.