D + 40 and counting

This month marks my 40th diaversary. Looking back, it all seems so mundane now. The shots, the tests, the waits at the doctor’s, the isolation, the insurance fights, the doctors that tell me that eventually insulin will stop working for me, the other complete idiots you run into now and again, the test strips all over, the hearing that the cure is just “around the corner”, the non-diabetics having to share their D horror stories with me, count this, dose for that, rinse, repeat ad nauseum. You know, my last A1c was 5.8 and my doctor was more excited about that “accomplishment” than I was, lol

I’ve blogged about wrong information being disseminated and things that just make our lives harder than they already are. I’ve written about a lifetime of depression, how to fix what’s wrong with our system, I’ve fired medical pros, written complaint letters, shared my opinion, changed up some song lyrics. I’ve written about how fantastic our DOC is, shared my frustrations, talked about D technology and threw in a little humor for good measure. Damn that’s a lot of crap. Good thing that my opinions, while humble, are always correct. /wink

To all of the fantastic people who have touched my life and made this all so much more bearable, there are too many to name – you know who you are. To the people that I’ve been able to help a little, thanks for letting me, that just makes all this worth it.

You can find me on twitter at @devilishy_diab. The other nite, I asked my tweeps if I should blog about this because it really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me. Everyone said I should, but I still don’t really know what to write about on this topic, I am literally drawing a blank. And have been for a couple of weeks now.

I know that I should be very grateful that I have gone so long with no complications. There were certainly times in my life where I’m sure I earned a few. The part of me that is depressed sees that and thinks that it just means that I will have to do all that crap we do for a lot longer than other, not so fortunate folks. It’s one of those fights that you can never really win; the best you can hope for is a draw. We all fight that battle.

Yet thru all that I’ve met great people and have a couple of great kids, just like everyone wants and does. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to participate in some great things.

The D is so intertwined in my life, that I can’t separate it from any of those things, it’s like having brown hair and blue eyes. I’ve had folks tell me that 40 years worth of D experience is worth blogging about, that it’s inspirational, I suppose it is. I just don’t see how. We all do all of these things as we meander through life, just trying to make our little corner of the world a little bit better. And honestly, I’m not a cheerleader. You know the ones that go “You can do it! Just have a great attitude!” I try not to be a doomsayer where everything will always end badly.

I’m still struggling with what to write, looking back over this I am really not very happy with it. I think the problem is that I don’t necessarily perceive the 40 year mark as an accomplishment. Maybe you guys can help me out? is there anything that you would like to hear my take on? Besides Oprah, that is…

Diaverseries kind of remind me of birthdays… in that it’s kind of strange to celebrate the passing of another year…because we, or at least I, don’t feel we’ve done anything extraordinary…just living…so for a diaversary…it’s celebrating getting through another year w/ both ups and downs and doing so w/ the constant D companion.

Maybe the fact that it is so mundane and still getting a great A1C is to be celebrated…because it means that while D is there it’s not overtaking you/your life…and perhaps that’s worth celebrating

To me at this point…more than tips or what led to your “success” of 40 years… would be emotionally what’s been the hardest and how you dealt with it and how has this changed throughout your life…

I am not a cheerleader…but, all I can say is that I am glad you have made it this long and you are here and alive. I am sure many people feel the same way about you. You say your are a cranky man…well, I think that there is a heart of gold inside that cranky man. Just know it.

Xanthasun - Emotionally? It’s all day every day. When I wake up in the morning, my first thoughts of the day are not what time is it or is the sunshining, but do I feel low, do I feel high? I guess to deal with all the baggage, I stopped worrying about what might happen years from now. Instead, trying to learn something from yesterday so I could have a better day today. If I take care of today the best I can, then I’ve done the best I can for the future.

What has really changed tho, has only occurred recently for me. I found out that I was not alone.

Robyn, thanks for your kind word, but seriously it’s all lies and propaganda… I’m a bad man /wink

Hey Good Boy Scott!! Congratulations on your Very important 40th Dianniversary.
It’s a celebration of Life and success. We should give trophies. Every year we make it through
is a Great accomplishment.

…but Robyn was a cheerleader…and still is. :smiley:

Hoorah! Here’s for many more years of being cranky and handsome!

Can’t believe it’s your 40th anniversary, you young, cute thang!

How about “40 Years with Diabetes: A Crankypants Perspective.” Seriously, though I do like that title, it is a daunting topic. It’s writing about your whole life & where to start? Maybe don’t even try to be inspirational & just let your humor shine through. Perhaps a day in the life of kind of thing that may lead you down the retrospective road. Or, just start with Oprah!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us in your special, self-proclaimed “grumpy” way. :wink:

Congrats Scott
. It is a big deal. 40 years with no complications WOW.
I almost forgot my 44th is coming up on March 9th

Congratulations!! Not on reaching 40, but on having the tenacity to make the effort 14,600 days in a row–even when sometimes those efforts fell a little short or your cranky sense of humor was more crank than humor.

I also would like to point out, for all my D-friends, that reaching 40 year with diabetes WITH complications would be just as much an accomplishment. I had to put that disclaimer in because in less than 4 years I’m going to throw my own little party and my background retinopathy isn’t gonna stop me!

For not being a cheerleader you make me smile quite a lot! :wink:
Scott, there is sensibility on anything you write, anything you will want to write about will be great… It is fun, but in sense shallow.

but you know Oprah will always be a hit *wink

I’m not sure if this is off topic…but I have always perceived you as a delightful funny and intelligent man with a wonderful heart!

Thanks for the kind words everyone

As far as Oprah goes, I just can’t get past hearing Austin Powers when he told Number Two that “I am Opie Cunningham and this is my wife Oprah” every time I hear her name…

When I read about people living 40, 50 years with diabetes and doing well, it gives me courage for my little one. We celebrate 3 years this Weds. living with diabetes and plan to celebrate Elisabeth’s bravery and hard work this past year and God’s faithfulness to us.


I am going to start off by saying 40 years is a blessing! 40 years with diabetes is a double blessing and 40 years of heartache, tears and laughs is a triple blessing. You are an amazing friend and awesome older brother from a much older mother. I look up to you in a lot of ways. You crack me up. Cheers to 40 more yours, grouchy old man.

Your friend and sista from another mista-


I am so glad you decided to blog about your D-anniversary

Jessica05 - I’ve been thinking recently about volunteering to talk to parents of diabetic children, to maybe give them a little insight on what is actually involved on the non-physical aspects of all this long term.

Cherise - thanks for the comment, my friend… you just look up to me because you are short SH. ORT. /wink