Damn Oatmeal

Hi. I’ve been eating McCanns Irish oatmeal. Instant. No added sugars. Nada.
Shoots my sugars up over 100 points. Think it’s a glycemic index issue. Anyone else have the same problem?

Oatmeal’s long been off my list of foods to eat… Not worth it to me to deal with the the huge amount of hard-to-manage carbs… Breakfast lately has been chia pudding most of the time. Otherwise, it’s eggs or, well, nothing :slight_smile:


Will try the Chia thing. I’m vegan so eggs are nicht gut.


Have you tried pre-bolus?
For us, about 45 minutes pre-bolus is pretty effective.

I gave up on oatmeal years ago (even before I went low carb) any higher carb food in the morning when I’m already dealing with dawn phenomenon just doesn’t work for me. I’ve been ok with flax seed hot cereal, there are a bunch of recipes for it out there online.

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Are you eating eating McCanns instant, quick or steel cut? They range from a simple carb with as high a GI as sugar to a low GI for steel cut. You can further reduce the GI of steel cut with butter or heavy cream. Either way, if you don’t bolus for the carbs then with at least 25 g of carbs per serving you should expect your blood sugar to rise significantly even with steel cut. And as others such as @Tim35 noted, much of the problem can be bolus timing.

ps. Like others I am also insulin resistant in the morning and shy away from carbs.


I eat oatmeal many mornings. Then I go exercise at the Y. Mostly swim and water aerobics. Works out fine. I also put nuts in mine. Nancy

How interesting. No. Caleb finds oatmeal to be slow and long to release. Good luck!

No oatmeal for me unless I want to really work for it later.

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I go through phases like that with oatmeal and cereal. Might last 6 months and the disappear. Right now, I eat oatmeal before a 45 min bike ride in order to use that effect to my advantage.

When I was DX’d Dr said nothing instant. See Instant think Instant rise in BS. Only instant acceptable is instant SF pudding.

Like @Brian_BSC and others, I am insulin resistant in the morning and a typical bowl of oatmeal has 27 grams of carbs before any additions. Even if I use a liberal pre-bolus time and “wait for the bend” on my CGM, the insulin just cannot keep up with the oatmeal.

As you can surmise from the many responses you’ve received, there is a range of post-oatmeal BG experience here. One option you might consider is cutting your oatmeal portion size in half and replacing it with an egg or two. That way, you still get to enjoy the taste of oatmeal and can keep the post-prandial glucose in range. If you experiment with this suggestion, try eating the egg first and then the oatmeal. I also used to add butter to oatmeal; the fat helps slow down the absorption.

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Yes. Didn’t David anything. It’s the instant variety that’s doing it

Wow 45 minutes pre- bolus and I’d be dead prolly :flushed:

I’m gluten and grain free now. When I did try to eat any of that stuff I had terrible spikes. When I was first in the hospital 2 saltine crackers spiked me from 50 to 170 in 20minutes. Grains are very bad for me. I either have celiac or gluten sensitivity that acts like celiac and I read that eliminating all grains is recommended. It helps me a lot. If you can figure out how to bolus for it, lucky you. :joy_cat: I used to love my oatmeal.

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I eat oatmeal occasionally, but only after turkey sausage. I also add almond slivers and unsweetened almond milk. I do a dual wave of 60/40 with the extended bolus part for 2 hours. I also prebolus of at least 30 minutes. One last thing is I only indulge in 1/2 cup at a time. That’s all this body can handle.

Instant oatmeal acts just like sugar. Maybe you could try steel cut. It takes longer to cook but you can cook a batch on the weekend and keep it in the fridge. Then in the morning all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave. I found that cooking it with heavy cream instead of milk or water also slowed down it’s absorption. Despite all that I eventually have up on oatmeal.

Thanks @terry4 I think I cracked the code today. No more instant oats.
20 minute pre-bolus did the trick. Thanks so much for all your help.


I had to quit eating oatmeal because it caused my Blood Sugar to plummet. Now I eat an apple everyday for breakfast and my sugar stays stable until after lunchtime. Before, with the oatmeal, my sugar would plummet before lunchtime. I would almost pass out.

My mom had this problem and believe me she loved her oatmeal. :smiley: She eventually and reluctantly switched to grits which surprisingly gave her steady sugar levels until lunch time. You may want to give it a try.