Dark chocolate - health benefits

We’ve all read about the health benefits of dark chocolate (> 70%).

Does anyone have data or statistics to share? I feel better after I have my small piece of dark chocolate 71% or 85%.

Aphrodisiac, rumor has it. I plan on testing that theory.


Chocolate is one of many potential causative factors for nephrolithiasis (kidney stones).

would a small piece, about 20g cause kidney stones? I’m not talking about eating 3 to 5 entire candy bars; merely a small square about 1 inch by 1 inch, or about 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch, once or at most twice a day. It is as much for the slight sweetness and bitterness and the flavinoids, anti oxidants…etc. 70%- 85% dark chocolate.

In answer to your question, I doubt it.

How much chocolate are they eating to cause kidney stones?

This is interesting and could be informative because it is the first time that I am hearing of the connection between chocolate and kidney stones.

Chocolate is merely ONE potential contributing/causative factor in the development of calcium oxalate nephroliths, along with inadequate water intake, tea, spinach, beets, rhubarb, most nuts, and foods high in sodium.

Thank goodness I’m not susceptible to these stones 'cos a bite of really good dark chocolate is a very satisfying treat that does not much affect my BG! :relaxed:

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There is a renowned physician in San Diego who lauds the value of daily vitamin “C”

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chocolate is the wind beneath my wings. long live dark chocolate. i dont eat pasta, rice, bread, legumes for their carb counts, but you would have to pry the chocolate from my cold dead hands.


You deserve some dark chocolate after “being good” about pasta, rice, bread, and legumes!

I still avoid chocolate when I can because I never want to experience another kidney stone that was so large it needed to be surgically removed!


the only good thing that can come out of surgery is asking the doctor to keep whatever they took out so you can see it. please post photo of your kidney stone:yum: here.

“I still avoid chocolate WHEN I CAN…” HAHAHAHA

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while I don’t have statistics…I can tell you I was a test subject at Brigham and Women’s hospital for the benefit to capillary blood flow to the kidneys of a dark south American cocoa. This was the same team of researchers who found protective benefit of Ace inhibitors for on the kidneys of diabetics. The test was funded by Hersey’s ( hey money has to come from somewhere) and the test was suggested by a death study (causes of death) made on South American island tribal peoples who drank an unsweetened cocoa drink as a daily part of their diet - they died mainly from accidents and no one died of any heart related disease. Then, if they moved off the islands to the mainland and stopped drinking the cocoa their main cause of death was cardiac related diseas. researchers were looking a the effects of the cocoa drink (if any) on capillary blood flow - my diet was controlled and my kidney function was mapped before and after the yuckey (unsweetened) cocoa drink. My kidney function did show some positive impact from the cocoa - I’ve not looked for the study’s results nor added unsweetened cocoa to my diet, but I do continue to take the preventative dose of Lisiniprol (Ace inhibitor) I taken since T-1 diagnosis.

I used to eat a square of unsweetened 100% baking chocolate with a glob of peanut butter on top as a snack. Then I discovered Ghirardelli 86% dark chocolate. Per square it’s the nearly the same carb count, and the chocolate has been tempered, so it’s super smooth and not as grainy.

I really like it because, unlike milk chocolate, it doesn’t make me want to finish off the bag. I can eat 1 square and be happy.

Actually chocolate has no bearing on Kidney stone formation as it does not contain Calcium Crystaline…Calcium crystaline is what causes Kidney stones…Diary products do not cause the stones Calcium Crystaline does…Calcium Crystaline is found in DARK green leafy veggies and Black pepper…I Drink a gallon of milk every 2 days and I have had kidney stones repeatedly, reason being I used to eat a Dark Green Leafy veggies, (i.e. Spinach) and I used tons of black pepper on my food…My Urologist told me if I stopped the veggies and the black pepper I would never get stones again, (and he was right. I haven’t had a stone in 15 years and I consume HUGE amounts of Diary)…as Diary does not cause them it is the Calcium Crystaline in dark green leafy veggies and Black pepper that does…He is a specialist in Kidney stones that is all he does. He has authored many papers and 2 books on the subject and is considered the leading authority on Kidney Stones and their formation and treatment in America…so drink your milk and eat your chocolate, (if you can have it…lol).

While I’m a physician, I do not specialize in nephrology. And I trust what my nephrologist told me: to avoid or limit my consumption of (among a few other things) chocolate, spinach, beets, tea. I was told that my kidney stones are comprised of calcium oxalate, not “calcium crystaline” as you have stated.

Major bummer about the black pepper, however. I must have missed that one. Unfortunately, I am quite fond of putting freshly cracked black pepper on nearly everything I eat, including fruit. :cry:

Here’s a link to the NIH page on kidney stones:


In re-reading this page, I see nothing mentioned about black pepper. But it’s certainly something I will keep in mind!

I have found that WHITE pepper does not affect me and my Doc says it is alright to use in moderation…Good thing too 'cause I LOVE MY PEPPER!!!

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Thanks for posting this! I’ll be purchasing some white peppercorns on the way home from work (if I can find them) and will need to have a talk with my daughters about instituting a policy of pepper segregation in our home.

be aware that white pepper does not taste like black pepper. some people, like the late Julia Child, dislike it intensely.

A great resource for quality spices is Penzey’s. They have a nice catalog and great customer service.

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