Chocolate for the treatment of high blood pressure

The discussion of chocolates as a benefit to lowing BP isn’t new, but this study found patient prefer boring pills over delicious chocolate. First of all, are you crazy!! Secondly, sign me up!

Dark chocolate with as much cocoa as possible is best, right?

yes, sorry the link got dropped. they recommend dark 70% or higher.

I think a lot of people aren’t into the bitter-sweetness of dark chocolate. I’m glad I’m not one of those people.

Me too. I slap a little peanut butter on it and its that much better.

Or with fruit. But just by itself’s fine, after a meal, you know – to keep one’s spirits up and all.

jeeze my wife came home the other week with a bottle of 80% or so. I looked at her and asked what the heck is this? She goes what? its 80% cocoa. Its good for you! So every once in a while I get 1/2 teaspoon into my pb& crackers. MMmmmmm good.

and he said, I come from a land down under.

The powder also makes a mean low carb cheesecake!

Did ya hear did ya hear the thunder? A better run … Ya better take cover!

Duck, you crack me up man.

Chocolate is a food group & would be at the bottom of my food pryamid! The darker, the better. Hey, maybe that’s why I have good BP.

Sign me up, too.