Any chocolate lovers here! Good news

I love chocolate, but of course, not all chocolates are created equal and it took me some time to make the switch from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. Our favorite way of eating it is with berries.

Moderate consumption of chocolate may reduce CVD risk

Eating less than 100 g per week of chocolate appears to reduce risk for CVD, according to a meta-analysis published in Heart .

“Chocolate consumption may be associated with reduced risk of CVD at < 100 g/week consumption. Higher levels may negate the health benefits and induce adverse effects associated with high sugar consumption,” Yongcheng Ren, PhD, from the Affiliated Luohu Hospital of Shenzhen University Health Science Center in China, and colleagues wrote.

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Though of course, the study you quote was undoubtedly based on people with normal health, so it may well not apply to diabetics. If you are consuming chocolate and the glycosylated metabolic end-products from the resulting hyperglycemia are causing intra-arterial inflammation because you are a diabetic, the chocolate will probably not be a net benefit to you.

On the very rare occasions in my life many years ago when I ate chocolate, I found that I needed about 5 units of fast-acting insulin to metabolize an ordinary commercial candy bar without hyperglycemia.

We use fruits and chocolate on days my son does a lot of physical activity or is playing in a tournament, it helps us prevent lows.

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As one of my CDE’s said, it is ok to have chocolate as long as you don’t go eating those jumbo sized bars. I buy those Hersheys miniatures, eat one or two and do just fine. And they do make those in dark but not nearly as dark as they can go! :wink:


Eating less than 100 g per week of chocolate appears to reduce risk for CVD, according to a meta-analysis published in Heart .

I believe the above is the key. 100g is one bar of Lindt dark chocolate and it should last you a week, and I find it enough to cope with my chocolate loving soul.


I like the little Dove dark chocolate squares. I always have a bag of them in the fridge. I take two for dessert almost every evening.

One chocolate kiss equals 3 carbs for me. One bag lasts so long that at the end of the bag, the chocolate kinda looks like the color of my hair with white areas. :wink:

I also love the Dove dark chocolate squares. I have one or two a couple times a week.i always say small amounts of anything won’t destroy my blood sugar.


has anyone tried lilly’s organic stevia sweetened dark chocolate chips? my brother is doing keto so he has been finding a lot of low carb things to eat and he recommended them. 9 carbs for 60 chocolate chips. I just got them from sprouts and they weren’t bad. they’ll definitely curb my craving for sweets. on another note he made hot chocolate with those chocolate chips and almond milk it was amazing.

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Sounds delicious! There are so many good keto recipes out there! I’ll have to do a search for Lilly’s dark chocolate chips, amazon probably has them.

I’d like to perfect my personal chocolate chip recipe (it took several batches over three/four weeks time when my children went one from the other with chicken pox and I was working night shift, but had stay awake during the day to care for them while they were home from school … sorry, went off-topic there!) Anyway, I’d like to make my chocolate chip recipe keto before the holidays. If you have a source that you like, I’d be grateful! Right now we’ve been using Lindt in our recipes, but it isn’t as carb friendly as this sounds.

I found cocoa butter on amazon and had to return it as the inner lid was torn open. We haven’t been able to find it in any stores locally, so we’ll be reordering from amazon again, hoping this time it hasn’t been opened!

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I discovered the usefulness of chocolate several years ago.

Peanut M&Ms have sugar, protein and fat, so they are aborbed slowly & stay in your system for 2 to 3 hours, depending on activity levels. I used to have a small packet (1.74 oz, 30g carbs) every afternoon, when I was using Humulin N & R, to deal with mid-afternoon lows. It worked really well.

Now I have a pump, and when my BG drops (hormones, exercise, etc), it sometimes works well to have 1 to 3 See’s Dark Chocolate Balls (6 balls = 25 carbs, or 4.2 carbs each), along with 0 to 3 See’s Peppermint Twists (5 carbs each: ingredients are sugar, peppermint oil and a little red dye for the stripe).

The dark chocolate balls help to level out my BG for a few hours, and I add the peppermint twists if needed to bump up my BG faster, until I can get my insulin adjusted properly.

I don’t know how widespread the See’s Candies company is, but they have a website. I like See’s because their candy tastes great, and they have very short ingredients lists. No long lists of chemicals. The dark chocolate is good because it has less sugar per piece of candy than milk chocolate, plus I like the taste of dark chocolate better.

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I second that! I really like their toffee - it’s been about ten years since I had it, but I remember it well to this day! Yum!

I love dark chocolate, and there’s quite a bit of evidence that 70% cacao and higher has many health benefits! My favorite brands include Divine and Theo, with raspberries, mint or orange added. They’re relatively low carb, and I can have a square after a meal without affecting BG much at all, and it satisfies my love for chocolate!

Hi, I love dark chocolate too and have it almost every night watching TV, etc; My choice is 85% Moser Roth from Aldi and what is extra good about it is its ability to lower my blood glucose readings which is good if I have some fruit puddings for dessert at my evening meal that can raise my bloods such as peaches with ice-cream or fresh cream. Dark chocolate over 75% is definitely a goer for diabetics!