Data Base Error

I tried to join Gary Scheiner’s talk today on the home page. I tried several times. I keep getting a message: “Data Base Error”. I cannot join the discussion. Is this happening to other members?

It’s happening to everyone Richard. Emily is conducting the interview for us to watch later. Unfortunately, our chat room is not available. I am so sorry. Keep trying to get in to watch.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

i just got in

Hi Marie, did you do something different? I have missed two talks with this problem.

I’m sorry you were unable to get it @Richard157, it seems we were having server problems today. I wasn’t able to get on until it was over half past the hour and even then @EmilyC was not able to see the questions - she spent the part I saw talking about to handle Halloween and holiday party situations and Gary giving lots of practical advice on how to bolus for these situations, so it would be worthwhile to watch the recording later if these are things you might need help with

@Richard157 I’m so sorry you weren’t able to join the talk! We’re working with our developer to identify and fix the issue. Very frustrating!! I’ll try to get the video into our archive this coming Friday so folks can check it out.

@MarieB and @curlysarah , thanks so much for helping the folks who were able to get into the chat room (I, sadly, was not among them).

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