Cannot join

I tried to join, using each of the links in your email. Both failed with the message "Not Authorized" from Adobe Connect. It is 3:15 PM EST.

David, it crashed, I don't know, maybe an hour ago. speculation on Twitter is that they miscalculated the level of interest, and didn't have the computer power to handle all the "guests".

Thanks for the update, Marie B... as I had the same error.

I guess that's a good sign, though, that it shows how much interest there is from our end and that the miscalculated how many people are interested in it!

(I'm crossing my fingers that the FDA will see it this way!)

It was back up for about 15 minutes, audio only, no video, which was good. It's back down again. I give up!

The first 90 minutes were technically marred by regular intermittent audio. The parts that I could hear and understand were interesting. I give everyone an "A" for effort here but the execution sucked. I hope the powers that be will allocate sufficient resources to enable this kind of forum in the future, it has a lot of potential.

Right now I am disappointed and frustrated as I really looked forward to learning something with this event. The tech, however, failed us!

I, too, had difficulties with the reception. I had pre-registered and was able to get on; however, the sound kept going off. Then I lost the entire transmission after 90 minutes just when the program was getting very interesting to me (ie. the PWDs were speaking about their experiences.) I tried and tried to get back on but to no avail. I would support another webinar but only if the technology were better.

I'm sorry there were difficulties yesterday. I think the community may have overwhelmed the FDA but I'm not real clear. I'm not sure how much experience they have hosting these sorts of live virtual meetings. There were over a thousand people watching including many on the FDA campus. I do hope that a video can be compiled, especially of the panel Manny and I participated on. I'll be posting more impressions later.

Brian - Thank you for your participation in this panel. I didn't get to see it but I'm sure your comments hit home with the FDA. This is a great thing to do; show the FDA that their decisions affect real people.

I would definitely watch a video of this event. I really appreciate your, Manny's, and all the other PWD efforts to represent us at the FDA panel.

Would it be possible for you to post some comments about the day? I'd love to read about it.

I joined it yesterday at 1pm EST and it ran OK for about an hour or so, then the connection was lost and they sent out an email that they were looking into it. But I was never able to connect again, so hopefully they will publish a link to the full presentation at some point.