Problem with tudiabetes

I’ve been having problems using the site with iPhone and iPad for a few days.
The main page seems to have all dead links. Can’t access forums or anything for that matter. It happens with both my phones and my iPad.
I can only get here by either using my windows computer or loading an old thread and navigating from there.
Anyone else have trouble?

Works fine for me but I’m on a computer.

Yes, during the last week I was presented with a page that had nothing but dead links. I rebooted the browser and the machine itself. No fix.

I finally thought that I might clear the cache and throw the page with dead links away. That worked.

Then I came across the same symptoms on my iPhone and did a clear history and website data to get a fresh copy of the starting page.

I have been coming here for 12 years and each time it says closed, do not enter stay away.

As you can see i ignore it and it only took 10 1/2 years to figure out is not a site about diabetes. Heck who knew? I only found out when the site went up for sale last year. Guess what this is much different.

Well clearing the cache worked. It must have been an apple update thing because all of my apple products had the same issue.
However it also cleared my data on this site so it looks like all the forum topics are unread. Uuugh.
At least the big issue is done, thanks for the tip