Date Day

Well, today was date day. Wife and I have been doing that since for 41 years now. We'll go out shopping or window shopping. Just something to do together. Then we'll head out for one our favorite Buffets. Chinese or Golden Corral. Today was Chinese Buffet.

We really enjoy the place. Nice people that we've known since the middle nineties. Usually when having a read on two hour mark I'll be between 130-160. Mostly on the lowend of that. But today on two hour mark I hit 193. Had the usual salads, baby squid in hot sauce,various chicken and bean sprouts. Today I had three slivers of peaches and a sliver of apple pie. Weather came in with heavy rain and also body aches.

Wife saw read and said no more slivers of apple pie for me. Sadly I think I'll have to agree with her on this although I tried to get away with it by claiming the weather caused it. ;)
Needless to say I couldn't get away with that. As I said 41 years of marriage and she knows all of my tricks. :(

So I guess I'll just get up off the road, dust myself off and crawl back into the drivers seat and take off back down that bumpy road we all must face on this thing of ours.

We do tend to fall out of the car once in a while. But the important thing is to remember to dust off and get ourselves back behind the wheel again and keep on plugging along again. It's there, we'll have detours but there's always a way back to the highway. Just have to remember how to read the maps. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone.

thanks & you too