Davis, it is

Summer’s so lovely, especially now that I’m back in school and can’t seem to manage to get a f/t job;’) I like the heat, tanks, sprinklers and the rest. I did swing a good p/t work gig at a fabulous place called The Gordon House, a historic site. It’s the only house in Oregon that is designed by F.L. Wright and I get to be the assistant! What a nice segue for me into the design/architecture world. I do have to commute an hour each way to this amazing little Usonian house, but then that happens only twice a week. The schedule is quite adaptable to my needs (yes, travel needs outside of health needs, my preference.) With my name on the roster for subbing at local child care centers, my past and future blend quite well in my now.

Things I wonder: when will I write poetry again?
will I have time to stain the deck next week?
why do I require so much sleep?
will I bring down my a1c?
why does the a1c seem like a final grade?
which wedding gown style should I choose?
where will we go camping next weekend?
will insurance approve me getting a CGMS?
when will I play my drums next?
is it time to start a new painting?
is my rare tulsi-basil plant going to make it?
will my fish George like his new tank?
when will I get to be a mama?
will my GRA cover my costs?
how surprised will they be?
aah, we can’t tell yet…