What a Summer!

I mean that as “a NOT good Summer” I have been wrapped up in my own stuff here and I’ve not been here too much. I just check in for about 10 minutes aday and hardly ever say anything but when I do here lately I give Medicare a hardtime. My pump decided to go kapoot last month and I’ve kinda been fighting the highs, Got a 90 day loaner but now I’m working on ordering a new one. Hope all are doing well! It’s just been one of those Summers (not a Summer fan anyway. I MUCH perfer Fall to Summer) Forgive my attitude lately but life ya’ know??? It’s messed with my optimistic outlook. SHEZ!!!

Doris, all things pass, even summer. Am now at the end of winter here and I could do with a little summer sunshine, but hear me complain when the temperature soars! Hope you get your pumping troubles sorted soon.

Hugs, dear friend!
The pump still giving you the troubles huh? I do hope all will be better soon…

Hope things improve for you my dear. I think it is in the air…because it has been one darn thing after the other for me too!! Fall will be here soon…::slight_smile: We are all entitled to having some attitude once in awhile. xo

Shucks Doris!! I’m Sad to hear that your Summer isn’t going Good for you as it should. That’s definitely a PITA that your pump isn’t working and that your optimistic outlook has been slapped around. I know that you have a lot to do and going on. I do not know how you keep in one piece sometimes and are mostly able to throw a humourous comment to cheer someone else up. :slight_smile: I do hope that you have Much Better days ahead and way more often Sweetheart. Please let your pumping at least go more smoothly. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you some Good pumping Vibes. :slight_smile:

P.S. Do Not dis my Summer heat. My Hubby has the a/c cranked up and I have to wear my coat…in the house. That’s just not right somehow. :-[ Have a Pleasureable Day.;o)

Sorry things haven’t been going your way this summer. If you make it thru the month, the weather is sure to cool down some. Those pumps are great when they work, but otherwise #@$%^&. Take a deep breath and kiss those g-kids.

Yeah, Doris, I do truly relate. Sympathize. Empathize. Wrote a blog on my own summertime thoughts. My incident re the bathtub not quite as picturesque as your potty chair incident, still… Autumn coming. Right here the heat wave broke – at least for the moment – yesterday, so I’m suddenly doing errands, enjoying the patio, etc. Here’s hoping for a functioning pump for you and deserved summertime. In the 80’s now here, may be thunderstorms and rising temps, but what the heck, today is good. My own personal opinion is that you should spend at least 20 min. daily here. Best wishes.