Tandem pump users

Quick question: When you unhook pump before going in shower, if you get water/soap in the part still attached to your stomach (the infusion site) is that ok? or will it affect insulin delivery/potency?

We take zero precautions with showers.

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Same here, though I do try to make sure there is not a soap blob at the connection

That’s what the little plastic plug that comes with the infusion set is for…

We would only use that at the beach when disconnected where dirt or sand may get in there. But we would not use it strictly for water. The water is already blocked out due to the internal design of the connector itself.

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I use the plastic cover about half the time for shower, when I remember. I always use it for swimming or when site is totally submerged.

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Why disconnect at all before a shower?

If NOT disconnecting…
Logistically speaking, where would you put the pump while in the shower?

I use the longest length of tubing and I set it on the shelf or use a shower bag that hangs on my neck

I use contact detach insets, no problem getting them wet, I think someone told me they have a design which won’t let water in etc. I charge my pump while I shower.

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Correct. The infusion set does not allow water inside while it is disconnected.

We also find showering is a convenient time to charge the pump.


@Tim35 commute driving is also a great time. It’s generally a long enough commute for me that I can charge 1-2x weekly from 30% to 100% on the way home.

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Yeah I actually just throw that little cover piece away cause I never use it lol. I don’t do anything special, even when swimming in the ocean. The only time I would probably cover it is when I would be doing something where other junk could get stuck on it like, to stick with the ocean situation, if I was to be on a surfboard that has way that could get stuck on it.

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