Day 30 - Test Everywhere

I have decided to write a small blog with a picture for each of the next thirty days as sort of a countdown to World Diabetes Day.

There have been discussions here on TuD about testing anytime, anywhere. I test pretty much everywhere. It's not always convenient to hide to do a 5 second test...especially when I lived in NYC. And since I have young kids, I have been carrying a purse that is somewhat large to hold all of my things, plus some extras for them. So many times I just open my bag, open my kit and test my blood sugar right in my bag...that's one advantage of being a woman. :) I have since moved out of NYC and enjoyed the suburban living for the last year, but was reminded of this grind when I had to venture back to the city twice this last week. So, I decided to have my daughter, take a picture of me...testing in Times Square before eating our hot dogs from a street vendor.

Times Square Ball

Gary Busey The Scene Stealer

I would love to see other people testing out in public. I do it but feel self conscious.

Great photos!

Love the pictures!

Thank you all for the lovely comments! :slight_smile: