Daylight savings

Hi All

I’ve posted this issue in a few groups I am on on the internet but no one is responding and I really wanna go to bed. Do I change the pump and my CGM time now as I really really want to go to bed. Or should I wait until i wake up in the morning? Thanks for anyone who is awake and can help this sleepy person out

I don’t think it matters too much-I guess you could treat it like jet lag and do it in the morning.

I can’t speak for what other people do but I like to sleep & I will change mine when I wake up in the AM!

Thanks Kelly and Sharon. I’ll wait till I get up in the morning. I am on a basal rate from midnight till 3am and then 3am till 8am is a different one which was my concern. I should of wrote that in but I am so darn tired right now.

My basals change at 3, 5 & 8. I usually get up about 7. Go to sleep!

Thanks Kelly…I am new to this stuff (CGM and pump). I wished they came out with a feature that does it automatically. That would make my life easier. Ok I am off to sleep.

It really doesn’t matter. I tend to change mine in the morning just as a matter of habit. That’s when I change all the clocks so that way I don’t forget to change it on my pump.

ya my basals are pretty similar to yours-go to sleep :smiley:

I am not sure automatic with adjusting our insulin would be good though. It would work with a CGMS, but I would not want the pump changing! Have a good one!

Well I hope you all fared better than I! I went ahead and changed the time on my pump before bed - BUT never thought to adjust the times of my basal changes that happen through the night. Woke up to a horrible low because the adjustment up to cover my nightly liver dump happened an hour early. Geez - blonde moment!

Sorry that happened Cheri. I waited until this morning to change mine. I was worried about the basals because I have a higher basal in the morning for DP and did not want that extended - I already crashed because I always bolus for my coffee before coming downstairs & then I got delayed in drinking my coffee. I put a temp basal to reduce my basal rate and hopefully that will help with the screwed up times.

Thanks guys…I slept for like 12 hours! Well more than that. The minute I woke up I changed the times on my new machines. I am hoping my sugar levels will behave today.

I must be getting more relaxed with my pump…maybe too relaxed. I saw this post and wondered, what’s the big deal? I just woke up this morning, yawned, remembered Spring Forward, changed the pump and saw the meter was changed as well. I never even thought about my basals so I’m glad I forgot about it until this morning!

A light bulb just went off in my head, Earlier this afternoon I noticed my meter was an hour off, oh I guess I need to change the time, I totally spaced out on the meter and pump, I didn’t do anything to the pump, I just changed it in the meter, and I just checked the pump and it is an HOUR OFF!!! so I guess you have to change it on BOTH the METER and PUMP…The only excuse I can come up with is this is the first time I had to deal with a pump during time change, and I know for this FALL that the PUMP and METER has to be done!!

Interesting, Ernie. I changed mine on my pump and then noticed the meter had changed itself. Maybe it doesn’t work if you do it the other way around!

If the time is changed on the pump or meter it will change the other as it is paired up together.

Well I did change it on the meter but it did not go to the PUMP… I found out like 5 hours later … Perhaps if you do it at the pump THEN it will connect to the meter…

I usually change mine after my morning basal drops back to the daily rate (about 11am). Makes my life easier as my body hasn’t adjusted to the change in clock time yet…

I did it from the pump. And it changed on the meter.