When do you change the time on your pump?

Well, here we go (in the US, anyway) with another shift of the clock. This is the hard one when we lose an hour. I wish we could just adjust 1/2 hour and remain on that time year round, but that's not my topic.

When I got out of bed this morning at 6:30 a.m. the new time, I started to reset the clocks in my life. I run a basal profile with a significant dawn phenomena (DP) bump in the early morning hours. When I considered changing the pump time at 6:30 a.m., I thought that I would be taking a one hour bite out of basal profile. I considered waiting until later so that the full DP bump could have its effect.

Then I thought that no matter when I changed the time my body would be one hour out of synch with the pump and I would feel the effect. That was way too much to think about before my first cup of coffee!

I finally decided to just do the change right away and deal with any untoward effects on my BGs. I've done much the same thing when traveling across many time zones. I change the pump clock to the destination time as soon as I get on the airplane. If I'm just flying across one or two time zones for a weekend, then I usually just leave the clock alone. Then I don't have to do the reverse a few days later.

What do you do with your pump clock? Do you use the "cold turkey" method and just change the clock when you get up, or maybe you change it when you go to bed. Or maybe you don't find the one hour time change any big deal and you just change it when you think about it. How do you deal with this 2x/year clock circus?

if there is time change to DST, i usually change the night before. Same if we go back to winter time. I dont fly often, but when we flew trans-atlantic (6hs difference), i changed the time in the middle of the flight.
if i start bumping, i just correct and thats it.

I just reset the clock...it really doesn't matter much to me, my BG is always going up or going down, sliding my basal rates forward or backwards by one hour has proven to be insignificant. It's to early today to say if my BG is going to be norma today.....Hmm- what's normal?

i test at night at 12 am & 4 am so i change the clock on my pump at midnight

We deal with so many things each day that factor into our BGs, maybe the time change is just one of many and not that big of a deal.

Thanks for the replies, swisschocolate, JohnG, and shoshana27!

MM - Thanks for stopping by. I save a copy of my pump and meter manuals on my computer. That way, when I need to refer to them for things like the time change, it's a bit easier. I had to pull up the meter manual for the time change. The setup mode is not obvious on my Aviva meter. I have two meters. I changed the first one OK. When I went to change my backup meter, I discovered it was already on the right time since I failed to make the change from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time last fall. I guess this is a case of two wrongs making a right! Details, details ...

I barely function when I first wake up and was glad I managed just to mindlessly change the pump time right after I tested.

I think the whole thing is silliness. You should have seen me trying to explain it to my teacher in Guatemala. She'd vaguely heard of it, but looked pretty puzzled because I couldn't make it make sense! Then I made the mistake of trying to explain the mneumonic, "spring forward, fall back." Obviously those words don't have the same dual meaning in Spanish. So I stood up and started demonstrating springing forward and falling back and of course the whole room of teachers looked at that crazy gringa!

Those of us with the meter-remote for the Ping only need to change the pump, then the meter changes with it!

Yeah, people near the equator don't have to deal with this silliness. It's interesting and sometimes funny how things we take for granted in our culture do not necessarily translate to other cultures.

Nice that the Ping meter-remote can take instructions from the pump. It'd be even better if all our devices could just update themselves wirelessly. I can imagine that the young people of today will explain this bit of button-pressing trivia in the future to their grandkids.

That's one of the great joys of spending time in another culture!

We certainly already have the technology for our devices to update themselves; my computer does it so I don't see why other things couldn't. I read a lot of science fiction as a kid, and have been disappointed for years that the world still didn't have all the moving sidewalks, etc I'd read about. Only in the last few years have I had the feeling of truly living in those wondrous worlds! I even recently have been seeing news stories hidden away in human interest about the first "replicators" (3 dimensional printers).

I did my pump and the kitchen clocks last night before I crashed out. I like to wake up knowing what time it is, not "oh yeah [fuzzily], I have something I need to do...". I don't bother with the meters so now is the 6 months when they'll read correctly. I think. I'm not 100% sure about that.

Wow, since I don't wear a watch sometimes I rely on my meter to tell me the time (when I actually care!)

Definitely off topic but if, as I suspect, 3D printers are really early prototypes for what Star Trek (and every other SF story) called "replicators" couldn't that change the world? (hopefully in a good way unlike cell phones and social media...imho)!

I was chastised in another thread for veering off topic. I take no offense to off-topic asides. I don't think it detracts from the environment; it's organic and closer to the way we converse face-to-face. Sometimes the detours in life are more interesting than the planned main track.

Did I just take your off-topic, off-topic? ;-)

Actually the Standard Time/Daylight Saving Time split has morphed into a 4-month/8-month split. So your meter time is correct 2/3 of the time. Mine chronically falls behind in the minutes column.

The only reason I like my meters close to the correct time is to sync-up the various D-devices for Diasend.

It's nice to be retired!

I still teach part time, but actually I've never worn a watch! I would be looking at the thing 24/7 and having the time in house, car and work is enough. Same reason I don't want a CGM.

That's way too much thinking. I just change it when I remember, usually the night before.

Over years of travel to different time zones and dealing with the weird US standards, I:
Change the pump and meter time around 8:00pm. Gives me a few hours to adapt to the change.

When I go to Europe, I change it all when I get on the plane. I take note of the changes when I bolus for food, and usually survive in style.