DBLOG WEEK: Letter Writing

Dear Diabetes…

As much as I would like to know why I was the chosen one… why I went 44 years on this earth until you came into my life, it’s killing me that I’ll never know the answer to that question.

I minded my own business, watched my weight, stayed in shape, and took pride in my law enforcement career. Even so, you decided to chase me down relentlessly… and you got me. You landed me in ICU for almost a week and sent me home on Lantus. I was all messed up in the head… crying, upset, and devastated that I had been randomly chosen as a victim. You won that battle.

Fast forward three years later…

But as I was taught in the academy 21 years ago, it’s not ■■■■ me… it’s ■■■■ YOU!

That’s right! I’m back, ■■■■■!! It’s been three years, and I’m on tight control. I dropped 20 of the 30 pounds you stacked me with. I’m blasting at the gym on the daily. Kicking ■■■ on the streets again… and kicking YOUR ■■■ now!!!

I’m gonna charge you with: Obstruction of justice, Resisting Arrest, Aggravated Assault on Police… and Eluding!!

Have a nice day… I’ll see you in court!

(sorry for the profanity but, I don’t mince words with Diabetes!)

Get that ■■■■■!

You have the right to kick Diabetes’ ■■■!