Dear Diabetes

Well what should I start with there is a lot that I can write about,more bad then good but you have always been there at the back and even at the front of everything at times. Just wanted to say that you have made my life what it is to be honest because of you I am now a stronger, smarter and most importantly a survivor. Since the first day you came into my life we have had a non-stop battle you try and bring me down but I came back even stronger and more determined, you try and isolate me but I have made friends from all over the world.

At times I have spent more time trying to bring you down from as high as you have taken me but have always managed to climb down or even slide down the stairs and even then you try and push me over the edge by going down as low as you can go trying to make me feel belittled and fed up but you will not win till I gasp my last breath of air. I also wanted to say thank you yes you heard thank you for making me look after myself from my mind to my toes along with my insides and outsides because I see how some no diabetics don’t bother looking after themselves but I do and mainly because of you, I want to say thank you for the great friendships that I have made without you I would have never made some life long friendships it does not matter that we don’t live near each other or that we have never met before all that matters is we are dealing with you.

Because of you I had to mature a lot quicker then most people, learn to say no and stick at it plus learn to ask for help when I need it, furthermore I learnt that just by listening to my body instead of every person who opens their mouths I could learn key facts about my body.I never thought I would say thank you to you and you’re properly shocked but I have said it now so deal with it oh nearly forgot wanted to say thank you as well for being the perfect excuse at those awkward moments when I needed to get away you are brilliant at those times as people who don’t have knowledge about you would not dare to question. Still I have not forgotten the bad times having blood test after blood test and the bloody daily injections are all your fault but I have learnt to deal with them and made a schedule to help me keep you under control, you thought I would give up after those dkas well you thought wrong and the carbohydrate counting you thought I would surrender as I hate maths and numbers well guess what wrong again had friends and professionals to help me as well as equipment like scales to help me figure it all out, the major something I can never forget is the worry that you impacted into my mind and heart of what damage that you will cause.

Last but not least I will never forgive you or allow you to control me but one thing I know is that we are in this life together until there is a cure, don’t smirk there will be a cure sooner or later and when it comes we will depart you will go to the ends of the world and I will enjoy life without you or the other one is when I die, honestly I hope you do go to hell because I pray that I will go to the heaven furthest away from you…Then we will see who is smirking!

I Love It…

oh thank you Blain.xx

Great words… thanks for saying hi :slight_smile: -LeeAnne

Hi, Osob…Just read your blog. I love it !! Your honesty touched me. Diabetes is sometimes our friend, it helps us take better care of ourselves…but…mostly it is our enemy…which I hope we can defeat with a cure someday. Thank you for sharing…hope all is well…wishing you much happiness : )