Decoding Minimed data

Hi !

Few weeks ago I finally got my hands on Minimed pump, so my project of connecting MM pump to my software GGC is well on the way… I have basic communication handled, I am receiveing data from various command, but there is one snag in whole story… History data (which is main target for all users) returns data in some kind of weird packacking, which I am so far unable to decode…

Until this data can be decoded, all my work will mean nothing… Now I am asking all people who have Minimed at home, and are interested in trying to decode data and have cable for Minimed (no usb support for now) please contact me… Or if you don’t have pump or cable I can supply you with my data, if you want to try to crack that one…

Data is in files, which must be read by java application, but this shouldn’t be a problem. This files contain arrays of integer numbers, which represent data… I have no idea how this data is packaged together, but I am willing to give access to everything I have to anyone willing to work on it…

Please contact me directly (andy.rozman(at)


Any luck with it?. I have no idea how the data stream looks like but... does it look like having LZH or any other kind of compression?. Have you tried looking for regular structures within the stream (using bit granularity)?. I have a Minimed Pump and did an experiment once trying to crack the carelink applet to get the data stream using the USB dongle. Too much work and too little time :-P.


I've been working with Andy on this project. I've created a little python script to help get the ball rolling. Let's get this problem solved.

It looks like there is no compression, just a bunch of ints.

FWIW, we've solved the problem of actually talking to the pump, now we just need to decode the data!