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This is why labs have reference ranges and should be interpreted my a professional instead of the patient. A normal result is a normal result. If you have concerns about that result it would be a good question to ask the doctor to interpret.

Don’t be sorry… I’d probably be concerned too… but as an RN you’re probably very familiar with patients tendencies to get on the internet and spin themselves up into a paranoia… my wife’s an NP and she does the same thing when it comes to her own health… as do most patients I think

True with one caveat: doctors look not only at the actual number (in range, or not in range?), but, for some indicators, also what they call “velocity”, i.e., how rapidly is it changing? But that applies only to certain indicators and not others. One more reason not to self-diagnose.

See, that’s exactly the kind of question that needs to be answered by someone who’s been to medical school. I’m not qualified to express an opinion, truly.


Although there would be scores of equally unqualified people one could find on the internet who’d be more than happy to weigh in on the subject with an air of authority…

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I have had a long history of spilling protein in my urine. I exercise twice daily and teach 18 yoga classes a week. I’m never not spilling protein lol!
What I did with my urologist was take 4 separate urine samples in one day. I documented the time of day and activity that preceded each collection. I think I did 6, 11, 2, 4 o’clock, What he saw was the levels rise and fall to see how my kidneys were clearing (which they were!). But it set my mind at ease that everything was working.