I'm a little worried

got the results of my bloodwork the other day at my 3mth visit to my endo.

i’m a little worried about some of the numbers. i don’t really understand a lot of it, but something jumped out at me.
the number next to the ALBUMIN (RU) said 997 HI
and the number next to the ALBUNIM CREATININE RATIO U said
153.4 HI

so my endo asked me if i had ever seen a kidney specialist, and i answered no, why? and he said that the numbers were a little high, but it could just be a one off, and i should have another test next month, to double check. and to make sure it was a “first pee” (his words!)

has this happened to anyone else? or does anyone know what these numbers mean??? should i worry or not??

oh i can feel my blood pressure going up as i sit here worrying 8(

Well, you should never worry, but I wouldn’t wait to see a kidney specialist if your numbers are seriously out of range.

The best test is a 24-hour urine collection. Labs can be off, so another test is a good idea.

Is your blood pressure ok? High BP effects kidney function as does high BG.

Hard not to worry, I know.

i do have high blood pressure, and take medication for that. i had triple bypass surgery in january and my bp was low but has slowly crept back up. i am trying to get out for walks every day, and when it is raining i am going to try to use my treadmill. i am not going to worry about the results until they tell me too, and i will continue to try to get more excercise, and keep my BG’s in normal range. thanks for the feedbacks! 8)