HELP on understanding lab results

Does anyone have a guide or a link or something to explain what these tests mean? And what the acceptable ranges are? I am so confused…

Creatinine in blood test .8 mg/dl
BUN in blood 24.0 mg/dl
Bun/Creat Ration in blood 30.0
Random urine Creat 140.3 mg/dl
Random urine Protein 10 mg/dl

Urine Total Protein 81mg/24Hr
Creat Clearance 125 ml/min


I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m sure someone else will post one. But if your doctor ordered this labwork he should be meeting with you to explain the results. Also most results from labs have a range of numbers that are the target next to the results.

Try this resource:

You can search for the specific tests and see what normal ranges, etc. are.

Just a bit of a precaution…

Your test panel appears to be looking at kidney function and can get really confusing because you are looking at the content in blood and urine, and you are looking at protein and total protein versus a specific subset of protein call microalbumin. .

Usually, for kidney function, in a random spot urine sample, you’ll see your microalbumin/creatinine ratio as an indicator of function, rather than just total protein content and creatinine content.

OTOH, for your 24 hour urine sample, they are just looking for the total amount of protein present. Usually, they would look for total microalbumin present.

The blood tests also indicate how well your kidneys are regulating those metabolites.

Labs have different ranges, so without a reference range it’s difficult to interpret. Also, all results have to be viewed relative to the others. If one is a bit high or low, it may be meaningful or meaningless depending on the total picture.

Thanks - I guess I am looking for a similar website like FHS posted. Where you can see what each test means and the normal range of results and stuff. I can’t understand what creatinine is.

Creatinine is a by-product of muscle metabolism. The kidneys maintain levels of creatinine. Measuring this shows kidney function & how efficiently the kidneys are removing chemical waste.