Depressed With Numbers

This is hard.

I was technically diagnosed Dec 27th 2012. I'm really trying to get a "grasp" on what's going on with my body and it's mind boggling. I have altered my lifestyle, cold turkey, and yet, these BG numbers make me think I'm not doing anything.

I measure food, I watch the carbs, I have depleted sugar, except for the natural sugar in fruits, I portion out, cook with no seasoning and I don't get it.

Every morning, it's in the range of 170's. I don't snack after dinner, so there's a good 10hrs until morning. I have lost weight and fast, too. I don't desire to eat, but I make the effort. I can't really exercise due to an upcoming knee replacement/reconstruction of an old replacement, so that has hindered some of my activities, like walking, standing for more than 5 min. I have a pending Hip replacement after the knee is healed, and pinched nerves in my back. That's just the surface of what is current. We won't get into the past 10 bone surgeries, as this is a child hood bone disease that has been an issue that I just came out of denial 3 yrs ago. Finally get that in my head and all this other stuff pops up.

I play musical chairs, up to this chair and back to that one, during the day. I have low periods of no energy at all, during my day. I take a B-12 shot, every 2 weeks to help boost my metabolism, and also a thyroid medication. I have a list of aliments and conditions that just complicate daily life... bottom line, this suxs.

I use to teach diabetes maintenance as an RN, but that was 30 yrs ago. So much has changed that I guess my methods are ol'hat.

I'm going to call my DR and set up an appointment to see an Endo & nutritionist, I need to see how I can better the numbers. I'm a "give me facts" kinda gal, so bobbing up and down, daily, makes no sense to me.

I want my "abby-normal" back.

Scheduled to see the ENDO and the Nnutritionists , yeah me! I'm working on making this condition make better sense to me. Should have done this sooner. I'm a bad patient to myself.

Hi NativeGal,
You're right. This is hard. And it is overwhelming. Sounds like you have a whole lot going on right now with your health. But it also sounds like you are on a path to improving your health. Be kind to yourself. And be patient. It takes time to make changes and to see results.

Mornings have always been hard for me as well. I wake with high blood sugars, it is called Dawn Phenomenon, but I call it Darn Phenomenon. It took me months to finally make real progress towards control. You have just barely started on this journey. I know it is hard, but you can do this.

Hi NativeGal, Getting started with type 2 is a tough thing to do and add in other hearth concerns and the problems seem insurmountable. But I can see determination in your post and I'm sure you can do it.

Dawn Phenomenon or Darn Phenomenon as Brian calls it is a problem for many PWD and especially for T2's. It is caused when your liver dumps glucose for energy to help you start you day. This liver dump is good if your system can handle it but for most PWD it causes blood glucose to rise. Your doctor will help you work thru this problem, it just takes time.


Thank you Corinna :) I'm making the effort to be kind to myself. Small steps.
Thank you Brian for the answer to my query.
Thank yoyu Gary, this make more sense as I read and digest it.

Hum... Dawn Phenomenon, who would have "thunk" it. Will wonders never cease. Totally makes sense. So my body thinks I need a jump start, it's got to get up and go whether I'm ready or not, or when I'm not really going at all.

Today the EMG procedure/test confirmed the pinched nerves, and why did we have this test, when the MRI did tell the same? Cause we can, I guess. No wonder my body is messed up, it's got to be so confused, like my mind. It's been a battery of tests, shots, x-rays, PT, nearly every week since Nov 18th. And the fun is just getting started.

I was so upset and in pain that I drowned myself in a Strawberry Shake (kid size) none the less, I had had enough misery for the day. I'll be better tomorrow. One step backwards and two forward, is the salsa, "A friend told me that just recently", or the other way around. Just sounds good. Nite nite.

NativeGal- You really have a lot on your plate, figuratively speaking. Don't beat yourself up about your BG #'s. Just get yourself ready for your knee surgery. You are new to the D scene and there will be other problems along the way to good D control. Dawn Phenomenon is just one of the situations you will encounter along the way.

Catlover, thank you! I got so over whelmed with yesterday, and it just felt like I wouldn't breathe. Still feel like a "slug" today. Altho, better in spirit. I cancelled today's fun appointments, to give myself a breather. It's a lot to digest on my plate, lately.