Depression and Diabetes


I heard that stress can cause diabetes to occur…Im not sure if its true or not
Im already diabetic (type 1) and Im worried that stress/anger etc would make my diabetes worse?
i got my diabetes during my exams and that was the time wen i was EXTREMELY stressed and pressured, in addition to some family issues

can anyone help me answer my questions??

Dear Nouran

I think stress is the major cause of diabetes more so than obesity allegedly in type 2. Koreans and Japanese are mostly slim and have an incidence as high as we do. It is true that type 1 and some type 2 have might have different causes but stress is most likely a common denominator. I am looking forward to God explaining what really causes diabetes.

I just gotta greee with Lynne here. This comming from a Type 1 for 37 years (when I was 10 and got it I don’t rememeber ANY stress in my family or me having any. I took it abfore school started so I couldn’t use the excuse of school causing the stress)

well Lynne i dunno what to say but lately my blood sugar is going up from no reason im eating the same and pretty much didnt change anything. yesterday before i go to bed it was 160 mg/dl and when i woke up dis morning it was 200 mg/dl so i dont get it? how can it increase if i didnt even eat anything?

However i was upset with my friend and we’ve been goin through some family problems nd it stressed me out a lot lately
could this b a good reason for the increase of sugar concentration in my blood?

(im a type 1 by the way as i said b4 for a year now so i dont have that much of experience)

I think that managing stress is even more important for a diabetic.

There’s some little logic circles that you can get trapped in, and one of the worst (probably not as high up there as diabulimia but close) is the little guilt circle of being stressed about diabetes and control, then getting additionally stressed because you’re worried that the stress is making your diabetes or control be worse. You gotta break that loop. I’ve been in that loop in the past and it’s not a good place to be, mentally or emotionally.

If you’re new to this, note that just because the dose of insulin you need is changing up or down, that doesn’t mean your diabetes is “worse”. It’s T1 diabetes and we should take the insulin we need without a guilt trip.


IMHO if you think that only eating can raise your blood sugar, that’s way too simplistic. That model might work for the very most mild cases of T2 but that’s not you or me.

Again, you have to be able to rationally think about your bg’s and doses without it sending you on a guilt or stress trip. It can be hard sometimes. Me, I’ve been through that, and to tell you the truth, sometimes reading about the very mild cases of T2 (where the participants seem to think that the only thing they ever have to worry about is the “spike” after a meal) actually sends me back there. Sometimes the internet and tudiabetes can be a good resource but if it’s sending me on a guilt or stress trip, I gotta turn it off and move to something else that can help me better emotionally.

I think that tudiabetes and the other web message boards can be a valuable resource, but I myself have found them sending me into the vicious little logic/guilt circles and that’s a sure sign that they are not (at that moment) doing me any good.

I don’t think so. However I do have depression. I had depression before I got diabetes.

well Tim you saying that stress can get my blood sugar up right?
Im trying my best to stay away from stress and feeling worried about my diabetes. Sometimes i feel like by the age of 30 i would probably suffer severe bad effects of diabetes. whats worse is the facts they tend to put everywhere about diabetes and how it literally destroys every functional thing in your body.
One day i turned on the TV and found that they were talking about the top 10 death causing diseases and guess what diabetes was one of them

therefore i cant really help it not stressing…in addition to the daily study stress and so on.
Anyways i never let my blood sugar stay higher than 200 for longer than 2 hours
so i guess thats good right??

thankx that u guys r discussing this it really helps

Hi Nouran, long time ago we had a chat… How are you ?? Hope everything is fine…
I read you have some problems with stress ?

First of all, nobody knows what the trigger is, why we got D, type 1. In my case, most probably a bad flu was the initiator… but may be it was already there, waiting for an opportunity to jump on me… how it happans… today, only God knows… inshallah…

We can wonder how it is possible we got D., but as a matter of fact, we don’t have to worry about that… because we have got it and there is nothing you can do !! It’s a fact, period. We have to learn to live with it, and I believe, for each one of us, there are times where sometimes it’s difficult to deal with it. Believe me, I also sometimes curse at this D…
The message is: never give up… keep on fighting… in life there are days with dark clouds… but the days with sunshine, always come back…

Stress is indeed a bad factor for D. Not that it makes it worse, but the stress generates “sugars”, and makes the D less controlable. In case of stress, I try to fight the stress as much as possible (relaxation excercise, fitotherapy (chinese herbs), sports, lots of sex :wink: , …) and also measure my BS more than usual, so that I can anticipate quicker…

Hope this help a bit, Take care

Hii Nouran,

I also fear the consequences of D… kidneys breaking down, eyes getting bad, nerves getting less sensitive, heart problems, etc… there are thousands of things… and I believe EVERY diabetic things about those things and get stressed and depressed by that… That’s normal… it is hard… even if some people think that D is not so bad…

I try not to think to much about that and try to live my life as normal as possible. And of course, try to get my BS as low as possible, which is hard for me (A1c = 7.5%).

Today, treatment of D is so much better than years ago, that number of consequences is going down… let’s think positive…

Take care… and live your life that you dreamt of…


thank u so much for the reply
Im good wbu?
Its been a v long time ... i know

Thankx a lot u made me feel better.

I'm happy you are getting the comfort you need from this site. I've watched my son deal with these problems since age 16 and he's now 21 and newly married in August. I'm sure from what i've learned the days are hard and somtimes it would just be nice to not have to test and keep up the balancing act.
I hope you have a great family support because that makes things work alot better when they are on board with your care when times get tough. Keep smiling you have a family of friends here to:) Kimberly