Depression before and after diabetes

I have had depression for many years! But since having diabetes I've been even more depressed! I have other medical problems too! Have had a binge eating disorder for 27 years now!I try hard to follow a healthy lifestyle but the depression and eating disorder kick in! It's not for lack of trying but it's extremely hard for me! I didn't get diabetes because of weight issues or having it in the family but I know eventually I would have gotten it! An y ideas different from what doctors say that could help!?!


I'm so sorry you're suffering from depression and it seems natural that D can make it worse with all the stresses we deal with. I have tried anti-depressants in the past but they didn't work for me that well and I took one at very low doses for chronic pain for 5 years which completely messed up my metabolism so I don't generally recommend those unless you're in a major depression and unable to get out of bed etc. Getting off that drug was like a living hell/withdrawal and I actually believe it helped to bring out my diabetes. That's just me though.

I found that green tea,chocolate, exercise, and various supplements(fish oils, melatonin/l-theanine), meditation/music and just doing things I like helped me the most with my depression but it took a long time to figure this out. Journalling has also helped me in the past, just to get my feelings out there and maybe some sort of support group too. I think sometimes just recognizing why it is we are doing destructive things can help.

I hope you start to feel better soon, and I hope something I said will help you a little .