Some support ?!

Hey guys .. I'm currently in a bad time regarding my diabetes and I can't think of anything but food to make me feel better, anyone has an idea to get out of this dark stage ?? any advice ?? Thanks in advance ! :)

I find that exercise lifts my mood. When I was young I ran; now I only walk but just getting out in the sun and moving around has always made me feel better.

Hi Shahenda. I see your A1C is very high and that alone can make you very depressed, both physically from the effect of the high blood sugars and emotionally because of concern about being so high. But bad things don't go away if we ignore them, though it's a very human desire to do just that! What helps in every way is to start to do something about it. It helps because you no longer feel powerless and helpless; it helps because as your numbers start to come down your body feels healthier, and it helps because you are successful at managing your D.

There are many threads on here about people who want to start to better control their D and you will get lots of great advice. But perhaps the best advice is to start somewhere and pick one thing, then the next day do one more. Like if you don't test enough, commit to testing before each meal. If you don't eat like you should, commit to making a new plan and going shopping for healthy foods. Etc. It will get better, slowly but surely! And then you, of course, will feel happier.

Exercise is my weapon of choice in these times, too. Depression makes us feel tired and apathetic, which makes it harder to get out the door and do something physical, but I always find that if I can overcome that lethargy I will feel MUCH better, and more able to start doing other things to help myself (including not using food to self-sooth).

Take heart, my friend. You are not alone in this experience. Probably most members of our community have felt this way at some point(s).

If that food involves carbs, you need to know that some people can become as addicted to them as to drugs. It's not your fault, but you'll need to ban them for a while and get them out of your system. That's what I do when I find myself slipping into carb hell. I turn to bacon.

There are some good food options: I treat myself to nice veggies,shrimp, fancy cheese, etc. Also just joined a super-nice gym for 4 months (duration of a Midwestern winter). I'm working out more consistently & longer. As I feel better about my body, I'm eating more healthfully as well. My blood sugars have improved since I joined the gym!

Think out of the box! Try something new! Hang in!!!!

Start taking care of yourself. Both mentally and physically.

When you see and feel results and feel great you push yourself in a virtuous circle which is hard to leave.

Stick to the community, be aware and be the diabetic person you would admire!

Riva Greenberg provides positive perspectives on living with diabetes, as well as some concrete tips. She has a blog & books.

I can only add that I am with you, all I can think about is food. Food for anxiety, boredom, health, and everything else. I've been trying to be "mindful" and noticing when it happens and taking a few deep breaths to stop the compulsion. I keep thinking I need to get a hobby like knitting as something to do other than food. When I quit smoking I switched to sugar, now I have to find new coping mechanisms. let us know if you find anything : )

I really like the way you're working on being more mindful Monica. I like to encourage people to ask themselves: what do I really want or need right now - and food is not an option. We've often learned to use food to manage all types of emotions and situations, and we can learn new habits. When we look at it that way: eating due to emotions is a habit I can change, then we feel more powerful and in control of our situation.

wow thanks Lynn! I'm gonna try meditation next just to keep me more mindful : )

I think for me, going on a low carb diet (no more than 20 grams per meal) and removing any and all items such as breads + grains, sweets, fruit, etc and increasing my veggies and lean proteins has been the quickest way to make me feel better both physically and emotionally. Our society is carb addicted and once you stop feeding that unnecessary addiction and get off the roller coaster, you start to remember what life was once like before you became a diabetic. It's. . .well . .it's nice.

What helps me is to write, which I enjoy doing. It allows me to get out all of the negative emotions I’m feeling. Also, getting them on paper helps me to look at things in a different perspective. What works for me might not work for you though. Not everybody enjoys writing as much as I do.

I do enjoy writing but not all the time, only when I'm in a good mood maybe I could redirect my feelings when i'm bored and just write them up too .. Thanks ! :)

I just have to say that it means a lot to my that "Emily Coles" has replied to my discussion, I guess that's enough encouragement for me to keep going :)

I guess writing could be oe thing, even just blogging but the trick is to get your self to do it when you need food. Let me know if you find something else too :)

I totally understand that impulse to turn to food for help. Food often comforts us in our times of need, but it's difficult when you have diabetes and want to stay in control.

I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are right now, but if it's not terrible, I often find that a nice walk helps improve my mood. If the weather is bad, driving could also be a good option! Find a park or other place that you know is beautiful year round and take a scenic drive while listening to your favorite music. This often helps me clear my head and get perspective.

One thing that I personally find VERY comforting when I am in a bad "diabetes mood" is to go online and search for all the improvements they are making in pump technology and all the advancements they are making towards finding a cure. From what I have researched, I believe that they will find VASTLY improved methods of care for diabetes that make control easier and not thought-consuming, (POSSIBLY even a cure) in the next 15 years!

I noticed you are on shots. Have you talked to your endocrinologist about a pump? This made my life so much easier, and I had less moods about diabetes when I went on the pump.

Always remember that the other diabetics are here for you! We know diabetes can suck, but we also know that it doesn't have to own us!