Depression, frustration, stress and diabetes

I am a person with a lot of problems right now and all cause me stress. I want a new job opportunity, since I hate my 15 yo job. But I cannot just change because I need the money to survive. I live in a countrie where economics are very bad and social live is degrading. My girlfriend has just went to another countrie to work and distance has spread us apart. Well… All thus things affect not only my glicemia, but my will. The will to cook and properly, to monitor, to exercise. Sometimes all I want is to sleep all day and night to forget about my problems. But I am fighting, the problem is that each step I do tires me as if I had 100. I would like very much to work abroad, but I am affraid because of my diabetes. How would you deal with this? I am alone in this world. All i have are my friends. Leaving them would be stressful too. So confused.

Omg...I truly understand where you're coming from. I too often feel left out of the loop.
I feel tired of feeling tired...of not feeling well...of dealing with other health issues...of people who don't get it. Yes, I would love to just disappear join a convent, to vanish to a deserted island. Thing is....I need the money. Husband retired...income is far less. I need the benefits. Yes confusion. BUT, I keep plugging away. I'm stubborn that way.

Latelly I am feeling less strong, and this is coming an issue. Doctors can’t do nothing about. I fell like in a cage. Wish I could vanish, yes. This felling is coming more often and for longer periods of time. I am on my own. Have to realise that dinner than latter, or never at all.

Hi, I am so sorry you are having a hard time. Diabetes is a hard illness to deal with and being alone without a mate or a roommate makes it, I would think, scarier. Have you thought about counseling. That might help you express those feelings you have and have a person hear you and comfort you. I am in therapy and it is the best thing I could have ever done. I wish you peace. I am here if you need to share what you are going thru.
Love to you

I got such a time. I though i couldn't move on. I was alone, nobody, no friends all teh time sick , in hositals or lying in bed. What helped me was a change in thinking. I took quiet oposite aproach. I stoped thinking what is wrong, and hard, I focused what is good and I am gratful for.
I started day in teh morning with a prayer(not beliver) Thank you note to God, and listed all things I was gratful for. SLowly my balance was returned.
and I deleted all"wants" from my vocabulary.It's a source of stress for me.

Thank you Trenia. I am on that wave now. I started Reiki. I advice everyone to try it. It was a life changing experience to me. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me. Be grateful for all you have; Today, don't worry; Today don't be mad neither judge others; Today respect all living things; Today, do your job honestly. The five principles of Reiki. PS: My HbA1C droped to 7,2%. It was 8,4% six months ago.

great, happy for you.Thoughts make us. My body is changing too, i need less tinning medicaments, my blood is thinner naturally. I have heart problem, so when I am not "wishy" and relaxed my heart is quiet.
you are on the way.