Any advice or comments when your feeling so helpless, overwhelmed in dealing with all the complications with diabetes? Im at a point were I am not doing anything, im masking the issues with things I should not, my relationships are suffering. There are too many complications from the diabetes that its getting the best of me. I have tried basically everything to feel better (therapy, medication etc...) Anyone go thru feelings like this? Any advice when things get really bad?

I don't have a lot of complications but I do suffer from depression, am on lots of meds and have a lot of other things that come along wih diabetes. I have fought diabetes for most of the 26 yrs I have had it. I finally decided very recently that I am tried of D being in control of me and my emotions. I have decided to embrace diabetes bc it is not going anywhere. It can get so overwhelming I would take it in very small baby steps if one day at a time is too much just try to get thru the nxt hour or few hours and do the best that u can. I also see a therapist and I always feel better afer talking t her. Don't let it beat you down.

Take care of youself.

For me, when I'm feeling overwhelmed the key is to find ways to interrupt my repetitive thoughts. My tendency is to be very still, almost paralyzed, and ruminate on all my fears ... Not helpful! I try to pull my thoughts back to this moment -- the future is too big to think about when I'm in that state of mind.

The suggestions that follow are all things you can do RIGHT THIS MINUTE, even if you're feeling very, very low. They won't solve your long-term issues but they can help you take a mental break from them. This is not the same as "denial" -- it's just a way to let your mind rest for awhile. It's OK to do that.

1. Try some physical movement. Even just getting up out of my chair and walking into the next room for a drink of water can break the "spell" at least for awhile. Going for a walk outside is even better. Gentle stretching feels good.

2. Change your physical state. Take a shower, or stand outside where it's cold for a few minutes. Turn on a fan and let the air blow on your face. Hold your hands under warm running water in the sink. Hugs are great if you have a safe person to hug. Dogs can be great for hugging too. Even trees can work, if that's all there is!

3. Smell something that makes you happy. Lemons, coffee, fabric softener, soil, vanilla, flowers, perfume -- anything you like is good. Get up from where you are right now and go find something to sniff. It might feel silly but it will get you thinking, moving, and taking a moment of pleasure from your surroundings. That can be profoundly healing.

4. Go outside and look at the sky. You don't have to go anywhere or do anything, just watch how it changes. My goal with this is to let my mind clear itself of worries and thoughts and sort of "re-set" to a calmer state. It works especially well if there are clouds, rain, or any other kind of changing weather.

Diabetes is a big deal and overwhelm/depression can be part of it sometimes. For most people it doesn't last forever (though it FEELS like forever when you're in the middle of it). Hang in there and keep in touch with the TuDiabetes community. There's lots of good support here from people who get it.

I had had type 1 for almost 60 years and am suffering from depression. I am on 2 meds and am feeling better. It's been a long haul. Diabetes is very prone to depresson. For a lot of us it may not be a psychological problem but more of a chemical imbalance. It tends to be a process of the the right or combination of meds and maybe some consuling. It will get better.
Best of luck

thank you, I appreciate your responding. I will try some of the things you mention. Its just been a bad month for me with the diabetes. Im sure things will get better. You have a good night.

Hi Gary,

I've been D for 47 years now. I was hit with depression at age 13. It's been a battle ever since. Vitamin D is crucial in helping with depression. Biggest natural source of it is the sun. Push up your shirt sleeves and go sit outdoors - no you won't get skin cancer from doing this. If that's not enough you need to try a supplement - preferably in a liquid form - a couple drops under the tongue daily. Learn to recognize the negative thinking. When it starts say out loud, "Stop!" It may take a couple times per incident in doing this but it definitely works. If you have access to an acupuncturist they can help you not only with the depression but control of your D and your other complications. You have to learn to talk to people. Talking with people is key to getting those thoughts and feelings out of your head. The person may not be able to offer any great insights but by your talking about what's going on helps expel it from your head. Journaling also works in this fashion if there is no one to talk with. I have not used a prescribed medicine for my depression in over 10 years. Yes, it still rears its ugly head but I use these tools to keep it to as short an experience as possible. I try the more natural apporaches to my health care as the prescribed meds can wreak havoc in other parts of your life. And let's be honest here, we all know anti-depressants are the fastest way to kill a person's sex drive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you my friend.

I am going through the exact same thing. Been on and off lots of medications... I was out of control for the first 2 years ive had it. I've only had diabetes for 3 years. Now I am suffering the consequences. I got on the pump and my blood sugars started to get better. I know have autonomic neuropathy because of the rapid drop in my blood sugars. :/ How is that motivation to keep doing it the right way if im going to keep hurting?? Its a very overwhelming pain. I can barely tolerate it. I'm also dealing with depression so I am deff going through a hard time

Hi Kristen
thanks for responding. I guess everyone has to go thru these issues with diabetes. Its a pain but what else can you do? This month is going better for me then last month. Probably because my sugars are in better control. I too have some neuropathy in my feet and hands. How are you doing with that? Does exercise help? Are you on any medications for the neuropathy? So far, I have not taken anything for that.
How are you feeling this month? How are your sugars doing? What do they usually run. For me, its usually good then all of a sudden for no reason, they shoot up to the 300 range. I have not even eaten and they rise like that. I cant figure it out. Im on the Omnipod as of April 2011. Its much better then the shots thank god.
Well take care. Gary

I strongly encourage you and promise you that intense exercise and intense diet will help "unless" your depression is due more to a chemical in-balance. Your brain needs endorphins to be happy and exercise makes that happen. Depending on the weather you face in the winter you should be taking Vitamin D everyday (1000 mg's). Reduce caffeine and try to get rid of it completely. I suggest hiring a personal trainer to help you get in shape and review your medical and physical goals. Seek support for mental therapy and work with a diabetes team (nutritionist, nurse practitioner, doctor, exercise physiologist) so that you feel like you have support. From time to time take a break and travel or visit new scenery or restaurants/venue, what have you. All diabetics should be exercising throughout the week. Yoga also can help greatly as it relieves stress from your chest and shoulders among other things. Life is short, play hard to win and feel great physically which should lead to mentally.


thanks patrick, i appreciate your responding. I am hoping to start working out at the gym again this week. That will be a good start. I did find out I was deficient in Vitamin D so Im now taking that. Will see how that goes. Take it easy - Have a great day!

Hey Gary,

How were the work outs this week? Feeling any better?