Can't find myself

Lately I've hit a downfall I'm waking up late in the morning to take my insulin or when I'm not in a mood to eat food I sleep in. I don't want to do anything these days. I try to stay positive, I'm normally a happy guy. I feel like not talking to anybody at times. I need to get back on track I'm 24 I never been like this before.

Rashard, So sorry you're feeling that way. This disease can beat us down so much! But don't be so hard on yourself. It's ok to have days like you're describing, as long as they don't last for weeks and weeks. If it does, you might want to seek out medical help. I'm not sure where you're located, but there is a wonderful place in San Diego, CA - it's one of a kind I think in the nation, that deals ONLY with the emotional side of diabetes, called the Behavorial Diabetes Institute. I've only been living with T1 for about 3 1/2 years, but i drove 3 hours to one of their workshops when first diagnosed. I'm hoping they get some interactive classes/sessions that can be done online, because I sure could use them every now and then! I seek out any and all diabetes conferences, groups etc. where I can go and feel like others understand what i'm going through. online is great, but being in the same room with others that "get it" is priceless. maybe seek out groups that might be in your area? some hospitals have groups, online has groups that meet - hope this helps a little!

Grit your teeth and push your way through this spell staying positive is the best remedy in the World wish you all the very best twiddle

What you describe sounds so familiar to me as well. I'm no longer 24 (by any stretch of the imagination), but I'm thinking that my depression stems from not being fully employed and not feeling useful or appreciated for what I can do. I know that high blood glucose can tire me out, mentally and physically. I am trying to keep my glucose levels as normal as possible, testing several times/day, drinking plenty of water, taking a walk early in the morning, and eating a decent breakfast. I think once I am employed more fully, that will help me emotionally, too. Best.

hey Rashard. i feel your pain. last year in September i had Melas stroke (Melas is short for Mitochondria encephalomyopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke like symptoms ), resulting in

depression, anhedonia (i haven’t been able to laugh or even smile in whole year), antidepssants are Mitochondria toxins (causing autonomic nerve disfunction), type undefined disbetes diabetes. i’m on two types of insulin. i was hospitalized for two weeks. lost my job. got lowe paying job that’s the same work i did before. a friend whi i’ve known since kindergarten died of a sudden heart attack, my second fiancee left me, my ps3 died on me last February. i’m 36 going on 80 it feels due to fatigue from either diabetes, Melas (Mitochondria disease)or depression with anhedonia. i can’t even drown my self in booze like i used to(booze is Mitochondria toxin). i know how frustrating depression with diabetes can be. sorry for the rant on your post i’m totally new here and i couldn’t find a ‘start new post’ button.

how do you all pay for glucose test strips when you’re unemployed. when my job goes and i have no money i’plan on driving to aokigahara.