Detox Day 2 and still Rambling

Had a good day, a little tired but not hungry. Decided to change my profile picture since October 31 is the Celtic New Year, never too early to start.
I found an electronic glucose tracker chart on the "everyday" website; I like to see things mapped out on spreadsheets & charts it allows me to clearly see how I'm really doing.
Thanks for the comments. I know A1C of 6.9 is not horrendous, I guess it's all relative to whatever numbers the reader has. My diabetic doctor wants the number to go lower, he feels the longer and lower you can keep your numbers down the more years you will have of no complications. He's always pushing for lower I figure it can't hurt.
Todays Numbers
Today my waking B/S was 136.
I am at minus 1 in my weight from my ground zero starting number.