So excited about my latest A1C!


Doctor appointment was Wednesday, and I've never been happier leaving the visit. I set a new record low for my A1C test of 6.0!


For many years, my A1C's have always been around 7.0, usually a little below, a couple @ 7.1s, previous record of 6.5. What did I start doing differently to pull this off? I read a book titled "The New Glucose Revolution" and learned some things about food and diet I hadn't ever picked up. Changed my meals a little by avoiding or being more careful about the quantities of things with high GI values, and trying to eat a few more fruits and vegetables. I got really agressive about what my glucose readings should be (see previous post) and would take more insulin (usually just 1 unit) if my 2 hour post meal reading wasn't at the target range. I started making smaller adjustments when low. The handy box of minute made juice was 24g carbs, so I'm drinking half of that now, and tossing the rest. Started using raisins to treat lows (those little boxes are very portable) and one or two bites of a granola bar. When I'm eating a late dinner and 4 hours haven't passed before bed, I'll set the alarm to wake me a couple hours after I go to bed so I can do a test.

I would just like to say thanks to everyone for the inspiration, and to keep trying because better A1C's are possible!


Wow. When effort equals results, it’s time to take a bow. (applause)


Wowsa Craig. I know how much hard work goes into obtaining a number like that.

I guess you won’t be switching to a pump anytime soon. :wink:


Awesome job Craig! I just had my blood taken yesterday (first time since I got my CGMS) and I’m eagerly awaiting the results. If I achieve a sub-6.0 level I’ll be dancing in the streets :slight_smile:


Getting Low numbers is hard. My lowest one has been 6.1 after being over 10 for a year


Congrats! That’s a great number. I’m going to buy the book. Sometimes those little changes add up to big improvements! Way to go! :slight_smile:


Hip! Hip Hooray! Three shouts and a back flip for your efforts! I don’t think I could drink just half a motts box for a low, I get too panicky! You must have truly mastered “mind over matter” and can be logical even when low-that’s awesome!