Maple Syrup?

Has anybody heard of maple syrup being helpful in diabetic prevention? I recieved an email from some folks about research being done in this area.

If anybody has every tried the "lemonade cleanse diet" has tried natural maple syrup. I prefer it more than "pancake syrup".

How could something that’s pure sugar be heplful as diabetes prevention? Natural maple syrup, raw honey–they act as instant sugar in the body. This makes no sense. Where do people come up with this stuff!

Where the “researchers” selling their own brand of ultra pure natural maple syrup?

Lemon water has been used as an alleged cleanser for a long time. If you ate no food & drank enough water to cleanse a fast, it doesn’t matter if you add lemon or not. Water tastes better with lemon. People drink all kinds of concoctions with purported health benefits that don’t do a thing. Green drinks are better for fasts than something as acidic as lemon.

I don’t buy it or 99.9% of other things that are claimed to prevent diabetes.

Please don’t start drinking maple syrup. That will be a great way to shoot your blood sugars up.

Well, I have to tell you these “cleanse” diets are pretty much bogus (read… and consider the comments here…). The idea that drinking sweetened lemonade and maple syrup is good for a diabetic is so laughable, that should turn you off right there. If you really want some of the claimed benefits of these diets, you can try Intermittent Fasting. That will give you comparable results, but safely.

I work with a lot of supposedly well educated people who “routinely” send me the most amazing stuff.

ps. And I know real maple syrup. My wife’s family is all from New England.

is this cleanse diet?

if so doesn’t sound healthy at all

The lemonaid and maple syrup diet is called “master cleanse.” It’s pretty popular here in Austin, TX where I live. (Doesn’t make it healthy - we just like to do our crazy health stuff in a natural way.) Anyway, I’m off topic - there is no way maple syrup could be good for you. I suspect, as Gerri said, that these “researchers” are hucksters.

And I’ll eat my maple-syrup flavored hat if I’m wrong!

christalyn, I believe you are talking about the master cleanse. It is a liquid fasting diet where you drink a concotion of freshly squeezed lemon, maple syrup and cayenne in order to cleanse your body. It is normally used for people who want to lose weight, remove toxins from the body etc. The lemon part of the cleanse is to remove alot of mucus from the body - an overly mucuoid body is believe to be a breeding ground of disease.

That said, I have tried it before. I actually have the book on it. It is pretty simple. But I did it years ago before I found out I was diabetic. It is a liquid fast. Something like this I would NOT recommend to diabetics - plus the maple syrup part of it is not suitable for diabetics obviously and the point of the maple syrup, lemon and cayenned combo to give your body a rest from eating solids so your body can put its energy towards dealing heal different ailments rather than digesting solids (which is the point of any liquid fast). I can’t remember for certain (don’t have my book with me) but either the lemon or the maple syrup is supposed to keep you feeling full so you won’t be hungry, the sugar in the maple syrup is so you will have energy and the cayenne is to speed up your metabolism or speed up the removal of toxins because it helps with circulation. Can’t remember for sure but it is a combo of that.

When I did it, things came up so I had to end it early so I only got like 5 days in and normally people do 7 or 10. I lost 5 pounds but I wasn’t doing it to lose weight but to cleanse. I used a maple syrup Grade B I got from Whole Foods.( the diet requires you to get a certain kind of maple syrup).

Anyhow, It is not recommended for people who have serious conditions. But that said you do anything like this at your own risk. People have gotten rid of things like tumors with a long cleanse of like a month. But I wouldnt do something like that now. I can’t remember if the book said anything about people with diabetes doing it or a preventor. I don’t have my book right now but when I get it back I can look through it for you and let you know.

But I do put a slice of lemon in my water or lime. Lemon is helpful if you have a lot of mucus in your body (like post nasal drip etc). It helps when my tongue gets dry plus it is tastey.

I’d like to see real documentation that fasting for a month gets rid of tumors. I can’t imagine not eating for a month being healthy for someone with tumors, or even for a healthy person.

I think the best part about the idea of maple syrup preventing diabetes is that it makes you laugh. Really laugh. This can lower blood sugar because of decreased stress. Please send more of these looney ideas. You are doing your part, perhaps not to prevent diabetes, but to help in its control.

Hi Gerri, That was one of the testimonals in the book. I can’t remember any documentation (of course) but it was a story of a guy who had this tumor or ulcer (can’t remember which one) which wouldn’t go away no matter what the doctor did (removed it, treatment whatever) and he got frustrated tried the master cleanse and the doctor checked for it and couldn’t find it. It was gone and didn’t come back.

But you never know if these stories are true or not of course but I know I felt better after only doing 5 days of the cleanse and I wasn’t hungry! I had candida on my skin (tinea veriscolor) - gone after that. But I won’t say it was just the cleanse part that helped but the fact that you don’t eat anything when you are on it and for me, that means no bread and other yeast foods that I was addicted it. Anyhow, my skin looked better too. But now, because of diabetes I can’t eat a lot of those foods that probably caused the candida so I won’t ever have that condition again. I still believe, for somethings, in the bodys ability to heal itself if you give it a chance. I don’t think diabetes is one of those things entirely (of course diet helps alot) esp. if it is genetic. I guess if I had a tumor and didn’t have diabetes I honestly would rather try a cleanse first than radiation or chemo but that is just my preference. But I am getting off topic with the thread here.

Good one, Joshua.

How about the donut diet? Contains lots of carbs to keep the ADA happy, fiber & fats to keep one full. No diabetics whining about how we can’t eat this or that. Two donuts a day & you’ll lose weight & feel happy.

Hi Kimberly,

Hard to believe in testimonials in books, agree. One month is a very long time not to eat & run the risk of cannibalizing muscle by eating no protein. Short term, for relatively healthy people, no problem. For wasting type diseases like cancer, not eating can have dire consequences. Fasting won’t cleanse it away & will break down the body further.

To clarify how the book explains it, it is not the fasting itself that “cleanses it way” but the body that can heal it to a larger extent because the body is given a rest for the energy-intensive process of digesting solid foods so it can focus on healing ailments that it had no energy to heal before. So the body itself rids itself of the tumor, not the actual fast.

Paraphrasing of course but that is the theory behind the master cleanse and how it works. Believe what you want. I don’t want to hijack the thread any further.

But if the OP is wondering if maple syrup has any healing properites (ie in the master cleanse or otherwise) the answer is NO. It has none that I know of - either for diabetics or non-diabetics. It is just an alternative sweetener preferred for use by non-diabetics who want something more “natural to use” (pure maple syrup of course - not the major brands which have high frutcose corn syrup in it)

Where do I sign up??? :smiley:

The ADA (American Donut Assoc) in partnership with the Grain Advisory Board & the Transfat Institute plan a research study within the next few months. Preliminary studies strongly indicate that donuts can be a beneficial part of a diabetic diet. Two donuts daily may prevent certain debilitating diseases, when taken as directed. Join the ADA in bringing donuts into the forefront of a balanced diet.

My cousin’s boyfriend’s friend, who details her car, knows someone who’s neighbor’s postal carrier cured his eczema & high BP with donut therapy. It’s works!

Amen!!! Preach it sister!!! Homer Simpson is a wise, wise man… Donuts for all! (They should glaze them in maple syrup for extra benefits.)

BTW, the donuts must be covered in thick icing and pure sugar sprinkles and filled with fruit syrup. No, maple syrup. :slight_smile: Great one Gerri!!

Maple syrup glaze–brilliant!

With fruit syrup filling, the perfect breakfast food for kids & adults on the run. The sprinkles pack extra energy!