Has anyone heard the word detox

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What do you want to know, Joe? I would think most people have heard of detox. Are you asking about something that would explicitly apply to diabetes? As far as I know, there is no type of detoxification process that can help manage diabetes since diabetes is not caused by an external toxin in your body. It is a metabolic condition that deals with your body’s use of endocrine hormones.

Here are some links about detox diets, if that’s what you mean:


Yes, I have heard the word and never done anything with it , knowing that it does not help my diabetes…I could be wrong and am willing to learn here.

How long does it take this to pass from your body and how much damage is done before it does

In general, fresh food that has not been processed other than by washing and simple kitchen preparation, may be expected to contain a higher proportion of naturally-occurring vitamins, fiber and minerals than an equivalent product processed by the food industry. Vitamin C, for example, is destroyed by heat and therefore canned fruits have a lower content of vitamin C than fresh ones.

Food processing can lower the nutritional value of foods, and introduce hazards not encountered with naturally-occurring products. Processed foods often include food additives, such as flavourings and texture-enhancing agents, which may have little or no nutritive value, or be unhealthy. Preservatives added or created during processing to extend the ‘shelf-life’ of commercially-available products, such as nitrites or sulphites, may cause adverse health effects. Use of low-cost ingredients that mimic the properties of natural ingredients (e.g. cheap chemically-hardened vegetable oils in place of more-expensive natural saturated fats or cold-pressed oils) have been shown to cause severe health problems, but are still in widespread use because of cost concerns and lack of consumer knowledge about the effects of substitute ingredients.

Processed foods often have a higher ratio of calories to other essential nutrients than unprocessed foods, a phenomenon referred to as “empty calories”. So-called junk food, produced to satisfy consumer demand for convenience and low cost, are most often mass-produced processed food products.

Because processed food ingredients are often produced in high quantities and distributed widely amongst added-value food manufacturers, failures in hygiene standards in ‘low-level’ manufacturing facilities that produce a widely-distributed basic ingredient can have serious consequences for many final products. Consequently, adequate government regulation of ingredient manufacturers is an essentially important factor in securing the production of generally-safe processed foods. Blame for failures in the process of food safety regulation therefore often fall on the governmental department entrusted with this task.

I don’t understand your point, Joe. I don’t see what any of this information has to do with diabetes.

I was really think of a more complicated definitions of why insulin builds up because my neice is a nurse I get all the most update literature Lets say that the diabetes is a result of mal-formed cells The food you eat is what fuels the body things that are pre processed garbage does not fueil the body well and make digesting slower Your body in order to lose weight or speed your metabolism up must be fed good food and things that metabolise in a controled manner thats about the food and why people talk about organic. The other point I am making is what is on this web sight http://www.diabetesmellitus-information.com/diabetes-type2.htm the two reasons people experience the insulin issues This explains why there are different types of drugs because not everyone is diabetic for this reason or that Please continue to reply so I can learn more

I think the idea with detox is that it brings your number down normally very quickly
I was in the dry sauna today ate the same as yesterday did not treadmill only did yoga ( a detox method) I lost 30 points on todays test

You throw around terms without understanding them. Diabetes is not a result of mal-formed cells, whatever that means. You also seem to have some kind of affinity for ‘alternative’ treatments. I would suggest you learn what good science tells you about diabetes - e.g. read some books on diabetes.

This is utter BS. You don’t have a clue about diabetes. “I lost 30 points on todays test” doesn’t make any sense. Please get yourself educated about diabetes by reading up about it.

Do you test you blood and when you do, do you look for patterns like things that raise and lower your blood sugar. Crazy things like Yoga they call it exercise and the ADA does support this crazy stuff could it be that yoga I don’t know maybe makes you sweat getting rid of I don’t know excess sugar
Now I am no scientist but I am pretty sure that sweating is a form of detox. Here’s another crazy one for you some times depending on how in shape you are working out type things like running on the treadmill release something called adrenaline ( more of this crazy science) Adreniline also released during a fight or flight response I know your going to think this is crazy but it raises your blood sugar. I have to read up on it because I like to exercise and if I am not well educated I could really cause major complications. Ketoacidosis from diet blisters and sores on the bottom of my feet from cotton socks. You see everyone body is very different I sit next to a diabetic at work who has had it for about twenty years experience with her disease. Here is something crazy her blood sugar drops from eating Annie’s Pasta where because my body is different it would probably spike. You should truly do more research on the subject and find about why you have it http://www.diabetesmellitus-information.com/diabetes-type2.htm This web site will explain two reason the glucose builds up in Type 2 diabetics Start your research with the medication you take and find out what it does
Either your bodies does not produce enough insulin or cells in the muscles and tissues cant absorb insulin letting glucose build up. Now lets say I go out and work out for two hours and dont eat before during or after because my medication is time release ( the cells in the muscle tissue type) to slow the production of glucose I get glucose spikes This is my medication Sitagliptin works to competitively inhibit the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4). This enzyme breaks down the incretins GLP-1 and GIP, gastrointestinal hormones(Digesting, absorbing and assimilating a meal requires precise coordination of a huge number of physiologic processes. Control over gastrointestinal function is, as one would expect, provided by nervous and endocrine systems.

The hormones most important in controlling digestive function are synthesized within the gastrointestinal tract by cells scattered in the epithelium of the stomach and small intestine. These endocrine cells and the hormones they secrete are referred to as the enteric endocrine system. Interestingly, most if not all “GI hormones” are also synthesized in the brain. ) that are released in response to a meal.[4] By preventing GLP-1 and GIP inactivation, GLP-1 and GIP are able to potentiate the secretion of insulin and suppress the release of glucagon by the pancreas. This drives blood glucose levels towards normal. As the blood glucose level approaches normal, the amounts of insulin released and glucagon suppressed diminishes thus tending to prevent an “overshoot” and subsequent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) which is seen with some other oral hypoglycemic agents.
You see John I not only read about but I know about why I am diabetic and what I can do to prevent it from getting worse. Even more strange is the AC1 test is used to measure weather your body is reacting to the prescribed medication to do that the individual must be educated about what works best and why he or she is diabetic. Simply put if you go to the doctors office every three months having not followed prescribed things like exercise and diet and your numbers change like go through the roof the doctor has no choice but to go by what is in front of him. Also you have cheated yourself not knowing if your medication is not working or your body. Talk to other diabetics that have gotten off the medication even the insulin Please learn about why your diabetic instead of thinking just because There is alot of info here happy reading

You are very confused, Joe. Your reply is rambling and contains a large amount of cut-and-paste material about how one of the diabetes medicines works. You should at least give proper attribution to that material.

“yoga I don’t know maybe makes you sweat getting rid of I don’t know excess sugar”

Sweat contains no sugar.

"running on the treadmill release something called adrenaline "

Running on the treadmill does not release adrenaline.

"Ketoacidosis from diet blisters and sores on the bottom of my feet from cotton socks. "

I have no idea what you mean here.

Joe, if you presume to tell many of us (who have TYPE ONE diabetes) to get off insulin, you are prescribing us with a death sentence. Do you know anything about type 1 diabetes? There is not a build up of ANYTHING that causes type 1. You keep talking about detox, which has NOTHING to do with either form of diabetes. And you don’t seem to understand a lot of basic, fundamental principles about diabetes onset, management, or control.

It is obvious from the very little bit of information you are cutting and pasting from your findings on the internet that you have a limited understanding of a disease you’re attempting to educate others about. I have had diabetes for nearly 20 years. You asked just a few days ago in a forum what an “ac1” was (the A1c). And now you are going to tell 11,000+ diabetics on TuDiabetes why they have diabetes and how they can get off of insulin?

Also, your writing is very difficult to understand.

Let me make it simple your body becomes use to abnormal blood sugar hence the word average my is 263
when my body sweats it is from something like according to the ADA low blood sugar What is low blood sugar is it lower than the average maybe I think so. Now we have a reaction (sweating) from an action(Yoga) I provided the knowledge of a doctor please read that carefully. Now about the socks talk to people that run or hike What do you do to keep from getting blisters on your feet OK first how do you get blisters moisture that build up and friction that happens during exercise, cotton will absorb that moisture or wick it away Again it is crazy these guide lines set by the ADA to get blood sugar control. Gosh has nobody talked about preprocessed foods cause I have my diabetic education book I can loan you. Stop reading all the books and consider exercise of some sort I promise the results will astound you. People all have an expert opinion on what should be done what to eat how much to eat. My best advice although it is tough is to focus on what areas you are weak in diet exercise stress and work on that for yourself cause its all about helping you the individual because its your body your are fighting with learn the tools you need to fight your battle and I guarantee your results will be much better

You do not become low from sweating, Joe. You become low from the use of glucose to fuel your cells for the exertion of exercise. In a non-diabetic body, this reaction is counterbalanced by the release of glycogen from your liver as you work out and your insulin would cut back to about 50% of its normal rate. For those of us with diabetes, we have to manage our diet (protein/carbs) in order to find an efficient blood sugar level for stability throughout a workout and many of us must also manage insulin to mimic a non-diabetic’s response to physical exertion.

My pancreas has not produced insulin in two decades due to this autoimmune disease - diabetes. Exercise cannot help that, Joe. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

That being said, you’ll find that everyone here on TuDiabetes.com already knows and understands the benefits of a healthy exercise regimen to build lean muscle, reduce excess fat, and help manage higher blood sugars.

Let me tell you a story, I have a friend that is on insulin too and she is looking for ways to control her sugar still because like my grandmother who was on it even though she took insulin she still had to do the things that make her body more efficient. You cant just stop taking insulin The harsh reality is the disease continue even though you are insulin you still have the highs and low of the sugar. My friend is on insulin two shots long and short shots
She swam and rode her bike daily as she states she felt much better I am on a new medication that controls the production of glucose because I either don’t produce enough insulin or the cells and tissues in my body which the insulin is supposed to provide access to are resistant. My grandmother (insulin) walked everyday and ate snacks in the car to maintain control over her blood sugar. My friend uses a cane and no longer walks or swims I have not seen her at work for considerable amount of time ( 4 weeks) The primary defense will be the medication but I guarantee like my nurse always says if you stop fighting expect it to only get worse The reason I am so determined about stuff exercise and diet is my family on both sides if you ask them about about diabetes its a death sentence. There is both Type 1 and Type 2 in my family I have watched my grandmother stressful personality regulate her sugar I feel real bad for you because as much as you think you know about your disease you don’t know enough about basic principles of digestion I invite you to read about blood sugar control from a doctor http://lifetimefitness.mylt.com/blogs/drmatt/2009/09/28/blood-sugar… The most basic concept is you can sit and wait and let the disease slowly ruin your body or you can do things to control your blood sugar when your medication is not There is a chance by the way that I will be put on insulin but I am not going to stop working out and eating right just cause I am on insulin because I would end up blind (grandma) legs removed(her sister) or coma(grandma) Stroke (great aunt)
massive corinary (great uncle) Stop waiting for a miracle cure and fight it every day

Your link to Dr. Marturano’s blog that you keep linking to is broken. Perhaps Lifetime Fitness removed his posts there with good reason.

We are trying to tell YOU what you do not know and understand.

Hi, Joe,
There are some good endocrinologists in Buffalo. Get with one and follow his instructions. If you still have an A1c of 8, you need to get serious about well researched diabetes treatment. An 8 puts you inline with serious complications. Work hard!!
If you need detox for something else before you can work with your Endocrinologist, ask for a referral to a specialist in it. Be honest with yourself and with the endo.
Each of needs to be serious about therapy for diabetes. These other ideas are getting in the way of your diabetes treatment.
Detox does not have research supporting it as therapy for diabetes.
And I know. I have been working with someone over the past year and a half to get him through detox, and he still has another six months to go. Detox is not for diabetes.
Work at it, Joe, and let us know how it goes. We’re interested that you get yourself well.

I have a good friend who is type 1 and was put on an insulin immersion The doctor put you on a really high dose of insulin soaking your body in it She currently is waiting to find out if her liver kidneys and brain function are all damaged due the dose. She is on antibiotics to get the excess insulin out her body which is causing infection Her body because of being Type 1 is treating insulin like a foreign substance at first My diabetes is made worse by eating poorly. The ADA list Yoga as a leading exercise that helps with some of the complication caused by uncontrolled. Increased circulation carries more oxygen through the body and decreased stress lowers sever spikes. I like everyone sweats when my sugar is too high. Why does that happen or why do you get thirsty why do you have to go to the bathroom alot. What is your body doing. Yes because I read and ask questions (that the doctor and Endo cant answer) Consider treating it for the long term not just a shot but whats going to make me better and live longer.
If drugs were a miracle cure I would be sitting at an 6.5 without eating right or exercising.
Strangely enough doctors don’t know about nutrition and the community as a whole cannot agree on things like losing weight. I did something that no other patient of my nurse pract/ Endo has done, I lost the weight and dropped my number the first three months of being diagnosed. Now how did I do that I followed a diet plan which included eating 6 times a day small portions of a balanced diet and I exercised. I drank a gallon of water a day because hydration is important to the bodies functionality.
When you go to the bathroom you body eliminates waste products, when you don’t go to the bathroom you body becomes toxic. So if you exercise and eat right your body eliminates waste products which keeps it from being toxic. I was hospitalized because my body was becoming toxic. What did they do they gave me antibiotics to help my body fight the toxins and the solution to hydrate my body. What if by sweating your pores open and toxins in your body poured out. Take something like salt known to cause high blood pressure and in diabetics worse cause the body is taxed just with the diabetes so an added stress er like high blood pressure gets magnified a lot Salt is sweated out during exercised leveling your body off. Things become a toxin based on how your body reacts to it. Stress is a toxin for some diabetics, some are sensitive to amount of sleep. It is important to find out what things influence the individual, because the less change in the body the less tax on your body. By the way I tested at 7.2 dropped to 6.8 in three months of getting just my medication and did not go up till I gave up on my exercise because of cost. Your body does the detox naturally as long as it has the right tools to do so.
Consider your choices everyday and maybe find the tools to keep your body detoxed

Like the others, I find it difficult to follow your posts. They’re a combo of your theories & gross misinformation.

Insulin immersion? Where in the world did you get this? Higher doses of insulin than needed causes hypoglycemia, possible coma & death. No doctor prescribes “insulin immersion”–whatever this is & then tests to see if organs are damaged. This is absurd!

Equally absurd is that antibiotics would be given to remove excess insulin & that excess insulin is the cause of her infection. First the doctor allegedly “immerses” her with insulin & now he/she is giving the patient antibiotics to get rid of the extra insulin? Can you see the illogic of your statements?

Many people lose weight & lower their BG & A1c within the first three months of diagnosis. Your endo must have very few patients if you’re his first one to accomplish this.

We all agree that diet & exercise are important & that stress adversely effects us. As for the rest of your posts, they make no sense.

I agree, Gerri. Joe doesn’t seem to understand how insulin works in either the diabetic or the non-diabetic body (seriously, what could an antibiotic do to increased levels of hormone, especially a hormone that stays active in your body for only a few hours?). He assumes that you can sweat out glucose and he assumes that the rest of us don’t understand that exercise and diet are key to good diabetes control. Unfortunately, he is also unwilling to be educated by the 11,000+ of us in this community who could explain it to him. And like many newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics, he has been led to believe that insulin is “bad” in some way by poorly educated medical personnel.