So, it looks like I probably will not be going back into the hospital in January and getting the help I need.

My dad is convinced if I can do well the next few weeks by him always telling me to take my shots I won't need to go in the hospital. That is no way to live. My dad can't do this for me. I have to do this. The only reason I am taking my shots (and I should be clear that I may be taking my shots, but not as prescribed) is because he keeps nagging me.

And I have been in the worst mood the last few days...I need help. And I don't know what to do? Financially we cannot swing another reidential treatment stay. And the insurance situation is not looking good. I don't know how I'm going to pay for it. The only other way is to get a loan and I don't know if I can get one on my own. My dad is not really on board with me going back. He says it's just a safety net. I'm just trying to hang on and pray that insurance will pay.

I do not know your history but I do recognise that you need help. How old are you? Your father is concerned for you but is possibly not well enough educated (mind you nor are most endos!). He can tell you WHEN to take your shots, but I suggest setting the alarm on your mobile phone to remind you would give you more independence) but what worries me is him saying how much you should have. The prescription is a base amount only. It is up to you the patient as to how much or how little you do inject as each patient is different in their responses and needs. I have been told that I start of dialling up so many units of my insulins as a base and then with the quicker acting insulin I need to add one unit for every 3 that I am over the norm on my blood sugar readings. For example, base amount of insulin is 8 units. For me the top reading is 9 (I live in the UK) and if it is say 18 I would inject 8 units(base) + 3 units extra to cover the 9 extra bg reading. Hope this makes sense. It works with most insulins as far as I can tell, though I found it rather too strong with the analogues (I am now on pork insulin which is much smoother). Hope this helps a bit.

Your father seems to be rather ott about his control over you. I can understand his concern over your health and money but he really is not helping as every person is different and sometimes however strict you are the control does go hay wire. Sometimes through infection, other times through no reason that we can fathom!

I wish you a happy and healthy and hospital free 2011!

So sorry to hear this. Did your insurance deny the residential stay? You can try disputing their denial with the help of your therapist.

not great news. totally agree w/ Gerri fight the insurance company use your support team (family, docs, therapist) to fight it and get the help you need. if that doesn’t work again look to your support team for help through this tough patch. keep fighting!

The state has covered me many times, when it was time for me to go into the mental health ward of my local hospital… Even when I didn’t have insurance. That might be something to look into.

i don’t know about insurance yet, but my dad has made it perfectly clear that I do not need to go back in the hospital. I am only using it as a safety net and that I can do this on my own. I just have to stop fighting myself and let my therapist and doctor help me get through this. And me being in the hospital makes it hard on everyone else and I’m not thinking about anyone but myself. I’m being selfish.

Not selfish Michelle. Just looking out for your health and that is no bad thing. However, if your blood sugars are high but there are things you CAN do about it, then do try, with your therapists’ input. That way you could keep OUT of hospital unless of course you really want to go in.

In my experience, insurance companies always say no, they hope you will not fight it. So fight you must, but do it with support. If your parents are not supportive, then perhaps your counselor has access to support groups for loss or even better diabuliamia. If loss support groups are all that is available, then thry that as you are morning the loss of your health. That is a huge loss and should be treated as such. You are worth whatever trouble this causes those around you. You are crying for help and no one is listening. Don’t give up on yourself, Michelle, you are worth it. Take care of you! jax

Do what is best for you and get help you need - if you think you need the hospital then fight for it. if it’s staying home then do that but main objective isyou being safe and healthy. please take care and keep us posted

Am sorry your father isn’t supportive.