Dex G5 release date for android app?

Any rumors anyone would like to share? :smiley: You can private msg me if it’s top secret :smile:

If anyone finds out, let us know!! We won’t keep it a secret.

In a podcast interview, a Dexcom engineer estimated late 2016 (Q4). The engineer is specifically working on the Android implementation and I came away respecting all the factors going into it. Kinda disappointing but as I look back it is amazing that diabetes tech is finally intersecting with consumer tech.

It’s anyone’s guess. When I spoke with a Dexcom rep earlier this month and asked when the G5 would be directly compatible with the Apple Watch, he “implied” that this would happen around the same time the G5 - Android interface is ready: some time in January 2016. I have learned to be a “glass half empty” person regarding the advancement and availability of D-tech (I am disappointed a heck of a lot less often this way). So if someone else was told the end of 2016, I’d go with December 2016 at the earliest. If it turns out to be sooner than this, I will revel in the unexpected surprise.